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Most eyes were on the skies during the 19th Annual Great Falls Balloon Festival, but David Damon looked down to shoot this happy photo. See more photos on pages 8 through 11 in the Aug. 25, 2011 Digital Edition.

Art Walk on Friday to be largest yet

On Friday, August 26, “Art Walk Lewiston Auburn” will once again transform the L-A Downtown with performances, artwork and people.

The Art Walk on Friday promises to be the largest so far. The event will feature fresh new artwork from local artists, such as Maine potter Richard Dahlquist and L-A’s own Hillary E. Dow, as well as more performance art elements.

Maine designer and sculptor Michael Good will be giving demonstrations on his fabrication techniques and singer/songwriter Kate Schrock will perform in Dufresne Plaza.

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Barker Mill Trail in New Auburn to re-open after years of neglect

Tucked well below the elevation of Mill Street in New Auburn, the Barker Mill Trail was out of sight and out of mind, falling into years of neglect and becoming overgrown and impassable. Now, after a significant volunteer training day by the Maine Army National Guard, the Androscoggin Land Trust (ALT) and the United New Auburn Association are announcing a community work day to prepare this trail along the Little Androscoggin River for regular use.

The trailhead is just off the gate house for the Lower Barker Dam, one of two dams on the Little Androscoggin River that served to power the Barker Mill in its early days of textile production. The Barker Mill Trail follows the Little Androscoggin for a little over a mile before it rejoins Mill Street.

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Mayor’s Corner: Obama should plan progressive approach to a “New Deal”

By Laurent F. Gilbert Sr.

Mayor of Lewiston

In my column last week, entitled “It is high time for another ‘New Deal’ to create jobs,” I pointed to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” that brought us out of the “Great Depression” as a means of putting people back to work by creating jobs that built a number of projects that are still in use today. People who were poor and had lost hope began to regain their dignity that they felt they had lost.

Last week, I also pointed out the infrastructure needs of Lewiston, which are mirrored all over the country. Certainly we have the needs; all we need is a bold effort to work to satisfy those needs. Of course it won’t be cheap. Anything worthwhile never is. As I mentioned last week, it takes money to make money. Once people begin to work at jobs that pay a decent living wage, they will spend it thus circulating those dollars for the benefit of all.

So how do we begin with a progressive approach to a “New Deal” that I believe President Barack Hussein Obama should employ?

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Residents, officials lend a hand for “Community Tree”

(See photos in Aug. 25, 2011 Digital Edition, pages 6 and 7)

Painted colorful hands became leaf imprints for a wooden “Community Tree” on Tuesday, August 9 in Lewiston’s Kennedy Park. The project was the brainchild of Lewiston Recreation Kennedy Park Drop-in Summer Worker Ali Butler, who was assisted by Kaitlin Cornelio and Megan Beliveau.

Butler said that she’d heard a quote about people being like a box of colorful crayons. “Just like what’s in a box of crayons, we are all different shapes, sizes and colors but we’re one community,” she said.

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LETTER: School policies should be judged by jury

To the Editor:

It is generally agreed that a good education is the key to future success and wealth. What is forgotten is that the opposite is also true: an inadequate education leads to unemployment and poverty.

Accordingly, the signs are obvious—and so is the future. Our public schools are failing. But because the community is generally unaware, because the failure is denied by school officials, it will be difficult to confront and solve.

NECAP testing in October and the identified failure of Park Avenue, Sherwood Heights and Washburn Elementary Schools in Auburn and Farwell in Lewiston provided the warning signs. School officials admit to low test scores, but remain reluctant to admit schools are failing. Accordingly, they are unable or unwilling to identify the causative problems and therefore unable to solve them.

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LETTER: 250 days to register to vote

To the Editor:

The Legislature passed a law that stated registration for voting on Election Day and the day before will not be allowed. The opponents of this law are proclaiming that thousands of voters will have their right to vote removed because of the legislature’s action. What happened to the other 250 days of the year that are available for voter registration?

If there was ever an opportunity for voter fraud to occur, it would be when the town election clerks are distracted by the management of the voting process and cannot thoroughly check the eligibility data of a potential voter.

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Great Falls Balloon Festival lifts off Friday

(See Balloon Fest schedule, starting on Page 7, in TCT’s Digital Edition)

The 19th Annual Great Falls Balloon Festival lifts off tomorrow along the Androscoggin River with hot-air balloon launches scheduled twice a day at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday—weather permitting—from Simard Payne Memorial Park in Lewiston.

The festival kicks off Friday morning, August 19 and will run through the early evening of Sunday, August 21. This year’s theme, “Critters in the Clouds,” refers to three special-shaped balloons that are scheduled to appear: Whooty the Owl, Annie the Ladybug and Bud E. Beaver.

A full slate of entertainment and activities will take place at both Simard Payne Park and Festival Plaza in Auburn. Local favorites Denny Breau, Terry & The Telstars and The Don Campbell Band will join more than 20 other musicians, local organizations and other entertainers to provide three days worth of enjoyment to crowds expected to exceed 100,000 people.

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Maine military women deployed for beauty makeover mission

The Real Combat Cougars in Maine are beyond fabulous! On Saturday these beautiful women—presently serving in the military, veterans and military spouses—got the royal treatment, compliments of Impulse Salon in Auburn. The owner, Jennifer Foster-Kritzer, a veteran herself, pulled out all the stops to provide new hair styles, color, cuts, manicures, makeup and Reiki healings.

The event was a stop on a national tour of duty for Shining Service Worldwide. The national organization, newly formed in New York City, supports and appreciates women in the military. The founder, Linda Franklin, partnered with local business owner and veteran Jennifer Foster-Kritzer at Impulse Salon to stage the first Maine military makeover.

Franklin writes a blog called The Real Cougar Woman, but it’s not about older women chasing younger men.

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Join ALT Paddling Society to watch balloon launches

Paddlers of canoes and kayaks invited to join the Androscoggin Land Trust for one of the most unique paddling experiences available in New England

The Great Falls Paddling Society, a promotional program of the Androscoggin Land Trust (ALT) begun in 2009, will have its third “meeting” this weekend as part of the 18th Annual Great Falls Balloon Festival.

Intended to be a creative way to better connect the Androscoggin River to this premier New England Festival, kayak and canoe enthusiasts are being invited to get out their boats and meet other paddlers during each hot air balloon launch during the festival.

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