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Governor LePage and First Lady have weight-loss surgery at CMMC

“I really feel like I’m getting my life back.” —First Lady Ann LePage

Gov Ann Jamie

Governor Paul R. LePage, Dr. Jamie Loggins and First Lady Ann LePage share a laugh in the kitchen of the historic Blaine House, the Governor’s residence. Keeping the weight off was a challenge, as the Blaine House staff makes mouth-watering pastries, scrumptious baked goods and freshly prepared meals almost on a daily basis for the many events held there. (TCT photo by Laurie A. Steele)

By Peter A. Steele

Governor Paul R. LePage made news last week when he announced he had undergone bariatric surgery to lose weight and improve his health, but he was not alone. His wife, First Lady Ann LePage, also had the weight-loss surgery.

The Maine media and people at public events had been speculating for months about the Governor’s noticeable weight loss. Was he on some kind of crash diet? Had he turned into a triathlete? Did he put a treadmill in his office to use while poring over legislation, budgets and vetoes? More importantly, was he sick?

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Gov Ann

First Lady Ann LePage and Governor Paul R. LePage decided as a couple to get weight-loss surgery at CMMC. (TCT photo by Laurie A. Steele)

Dr. Loggins brings expertise, awareness to America’s obesity epidemic

Jamie Veto

Dr. Jamie Loggins hoists Governor LePage’s dog, Veto, in the kitchen of the Blaine House. (TCT photo by Laurie A. Steele)

By Peter A. Steele

When administrators at Central Maine Medical Center decided to create the Maine’s premier weight-loss program, they searched the for the best baritatric suregeon in the country. They chose Jamie Loggins, M.D.

A former U.S. Army surgeon who is an expert at robotic and laparoscopic surgery, Dr. Loggins is a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University who earned his medical degree at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago. He had been working on a fellowship in minimally invasive and robotic surgery at University of California at Davis in Sacramento, Calif. when he got the call from CMMC.

Although he had never considered coming to Maine, Dr. Loggins jumped at the tremendous opportunity to create a bariatric program from the ground up. He hired the staff, designed the facilities and purchased state-of-the-art equipment. “I would do a surgery, then put on a hard hat and go supervise the construction,” he said.

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Raising the minimum wage will hurt 325,000 Mainers

Op-Ed by Paul R. LePage, Governor of Maine

Make no mistake: if you vote on Question 4 to raise the minimum wage, you will be hurting your grandparents and your elderly neighbors.

The socialists at Maine People’s Alliance are pushing hard to arbitrarily increase the minimum wage, claiming it will improve the lives of workers. They don’t tell you it will harm our most vulnerable residents: the elderly and those on fixed incomes.

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Don’t be fooled: Question 2 won’t improve education

Op-Ed by Paul R. LePage, Governor of Maine

We all want the best education for our children. But to improve education, we must first learn what we are getting for the $2 billion-plus that Mainers spend on pre-K through 12 education.

The Maine Education Association, funded by the out-of-state national teacher’s union, has put a disingenuous initiative on the ballot in November. They claim it will “Stand up for Students,” but in reality it will extort more taxes from Maine families and businesses without improving education at all. In fact, as Mainers have steadily increased funding of public education, our students’ performance has remained flat.

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Legalization of marijuana will make Maine less safe

Op-Ed by John E. Morris, Commissioner of Public Safety

I’ve spent my entire 50-year career in public safety and the military trying to protect and keep people safe. Some of the most challenging things I have dealt with were not actions of individuals, but the consequences of political decisions.

With Question 1, the ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana, you get to be the decision maker—you get to decide whether this law goes into effect. If it does, I can assure you the unintended consequences will be many. Please read the 30-plus pages of Question 1; you will quickly see what I’m talking about.

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Candidate questions, ballot questions and General Assistance costs

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

In a recent Second District Congressional race debate, Pat Callaghan, TV news anchor and debate inquisitor, asked U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin if he supported Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Poliquin correctly refused to answer.

His opponent, perennial Democratic Congressional candidate Emily Cain, her voice rising to a “gotcha” euphoria usually heard from children, triumphantly shouted out that Poliquin was avoiding the question. Callahan tried to get Poliquin to answer before finally going on to another question.

The debate was held so that voters would hear candidates discuss the issues affecting the district—not to create a secondary debate about presidential candidates. Maine Senator Susan Collins was asked if she supported Donald Trump. Her answer, on slow news days, repeatedly becomes a lead story.

This is a Catch-22 question. No matter how it is answered, it will jump to the forefront taking time away from the serious questions plaguing our district. But if the Maine media insists that support of the party’s presidential candidate is a headline story, it’s time to start posing questions to Cain.

How does Cain feel about Clinton’s staff characterizations of Catholics and evangelicals? Wall Street cash? After all, Clinton is the Pied Piper of Wall Street cash.

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Referendum questions could significantly impact job growth

By Jonathan P. LaBonté

Mayor of Auburn

On Tuesday, November 8, voters in Maine—and here in Auburn—have the potential to significantly influence the ability of our community to support job retention and job growth in local businesses, as well as sustain services based on growing property tax revenue tied to private sector growth.

That’s because, in addition to the state legislative races on the ballot, there are a handful of referendum questions allowing you to play legislator.

While the sound bites in radio and TV ads might not give you all the facts, I wanted to offer some information for what could happen locally.

Question 1 asks voters to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The pitch is that we should regulate it just like alcohol, take the windfall from tax revenue and divert law enforcement attention elsewhere. While the country may be moving in the direction of legalizing marijuana, it is still an illegal drug under federal law.

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Poliquin has family ties to Lewiston-Auburn

Congressman Bruce Poliquin grew up in Central Maine, but he has a close connection to the Lewiston-Auburn area, too. His grandfather grew up in Lewiston.

Congressman Bruce Poliquin grew up in Central Maine, but he has a close connection to the Lewiston-Auburn area, too. His grandfather grew up in Lewiston.

If you turn on C-Span early enough, you can see a Congressman crisscrossing the House of Representatives’ floor, introducing himself to Republicans and Democrats alike. That Congressman is Bruce Poliquin.

A third-generation Mainer, Congressman Bruce Poliquin grew up in Central Maine, but he has a close connection to the Lewiston-Auburn area, too. His grandfather grew up in Lewiston. The Poliquins lived in the area where Lewiston High School now sits.

“It’s pretty exciting to represent the Lewiston-Auburn area in Congress, with my grandfather having grown up in the area. It makes me proud to fight for the families of L/A and all of Maine,” he said.

“Growing up in a working-class Franco-American family, my parents wanted me to understand our heritage and to instill family values. I worked the night shift at a Maine factory and painted metal roofs in the summer so I could afford college. Now I work just as hard in Congress.”

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