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Mason, Crafts present Joint Resolution to Israeli Knesset


Sen. Garret Mason and Rep. Dale Crafts present a Joint Resolution of the 126th Maine Legislature affirming its support of Israel to Revital Swid of the Israeli National Legislature.

Maine Senate Majority Leader Garrett Mason (R-Androscoggin) and Representative Dale Crafts (R-Lisbon) met with a member of the Israeli National Legislature, known as the Knesset, recently to present a Joint Resolution from the 126th Maine Legislature.

“It was an honor to meet with Revital Swid of the Israeli Knesset to present this Joint Resolution supporting Israel,” said Senator Mason. “To do so in Israel was especially momentous. The Joint Resolution describes Maine’s connections to and support of Israel, a message I was proud to convey.”

“Bringing a goodwill message from Mainers to Israel was an incredible experience,” added Representative Crafts. “It was also remarkable to visit Jaffa, a colony in Israel founded by Mainers in 1866, and to see Mainers’ direct impact on the Holy Land.”

The Joint Resolution was passed by the 126th Maine Legislature in 2013. It received unanimous support in the Maine Senate and passed the House with a bipartisan margin of 124-11.

One Response to “Mason, Crafts present Joint Resolution to Israeli Knesset”

  • Henry John Bear:

    Time to put on my Androscoggin County hat again to remind everyone that Mason is a religious and political phoney and, for good government for the Great State of Maine, to not vote for him or anyone like him this election cycle.

    Now, I don’t want to tell anyone what to do, but I have good reasons that compel me to take such a firm position, which I will share with you if I may have but a few moments of your time.

    When I consider the “The Book” of the history of the jewish and catholic religions, the bible, which Mason shamelessly promotes and “uses” as his “con” in his efforts to maintain a publicly funded office in State government, is sufficient proof, in my view, that he’s a phoney. Phoney Trump visiting his district is further proof.

    Like that book, at Trump and Mason. All seem to be equally fictional and not mature for public service. Like the racist and blatantly manipulative Trump, and despite the recent gerrymandering of the Lisbon district, Mason is , in the opinion of most legislators I know, one of the most incompetent senators, a front for Andre Cushing, and one of the biggest public scam artists in the history of the Maine legislature. Mason, like his so-called religion, which the Nixon tapes recorded the then Republican President as saying the same thing… that religion was the biggest hoax ever perpetrated upon mankind … is scamming you in the district for votes merely to hold onto his senate seat. … his personal, petty bully-pit I am told by certain lobbyists and legislators alike. If anything comes out good there, it has been accidental. Few people like this Karl Rove, corporate puppet out of his district, it seems.

    Like the book, which was created and perpetrated to control the intentionally under-educated and distracted poor and powerless and to prevent revolts, Mason has studied how it works and picks up where others have left off attempting to use it to his ends.

    But, unfortunately for Mason, it … this scam … doesn’t work among educated and informed electorate like it did the past hundreds of years. That, in a nutshell, is what Mason is doing … what Crafts and his prayer vigils, and the hosting of slugs like Trump at their “christian” school are still doing … and that is why an overwhelming majority of Maine people are now flocking away from both their religion and a Republican party that shamelessly still tries to use it as a vote-getting con in order to get for themselves the money and power these politicals and their so-called religions are addicted to right here in Androscoggin County and fewer, and fewer places in Maine and the Country.

    Mason … Crafts …. and their ilk .. these so-called political leaders and certain of their church controllers are all con artists. They are fearmongerers who are, once again, falling over themselves in their efforts to extort campaign money and votes for themselves this election cycle from their distracted neighbors with the hope that, they too, will quickly become more powerful and rich … confident and heavily fortified as their campaign finance filings indicate they may temporarily be with tax-free campaign cash.

    This is proof the separation of church and state does not exist in Lisbon and why we need to tax ’em to pay for expanded healthcare, real public “non-charter” education and social programs for the needy in Maine that Crafts, Trump and Mason will never feed or care for in the State of Maine!

    Mason’s religious con is coming to an end! Mainers have woken up, especially with the advent of world-wide internet communications, the “huge” drop in Fox News viewership, and the exponential access by these same viewers to and increase in universal information of reality, of truths Trump, Crafts and Mason, his cousin, can no longer control!

    The bible, they … these religious cons … could write the “post-event” words and control that message in the past. In the real-time world of the internet, they can’t. It’s “game over”.

    The quicker Mainers figure out no one or anything is coming to save them from their hate, racism and employer theft of labor, the better off Mainers will all be. Its reality time, folks.

    We have problems and we can either co-operate and fix them, protect what is left of our watersheds, forests, fisheries and planet from corporate exploitation and desolation, or the planet is going to shake us off like a bad case of fleas on the proverbial dog’s back.

    Want to believe in something that does exist? Trust in leaders who will tell you that a sound mind that applies rules of science and facts, and not distracted by fictions, are our only way to fix our problems and to continue our journey into the future.

    The people depicted here, including young Mason and his ilk, are not going to tell you the truth, the rules nor the facts their sponsors work everyday to distract you from knowing.

    They work hard to hide the truth that there really is a better life apart from their self-promoting bigotry, racism and baseless fear-mongering espoused by these same people whose obvious purpose, and that of their political affiliates, is self-promotion and mindless power-grabbing through manipulation, exploitation and the wearing-down of their relatively innocent “district-wide” neighbors.

    This election cycle, I urge you to vote for reality … for truth … for honest and competent leadership in Androscoggin County, the place of my birth some 60 years ago … and in no way allow yourselves to be distracted from the laws of science and fact by any religious razzle dazzle or circus show in Lisbon.

    For those who know they’ve been duped too often by them in the past, don’t let yourselves be conned by such snake oil artists any longer, I respectfully and sincerely urge you.

    Our ultimate responsibility this election is to choose leaders who will urge you to live the revealed and evolving truths of being inclusive of all others and with harm to none. Mason is not one of them.

    There are way too many … possible hundreds of exciting life-ways and paths to a fulfilling life without having to settle for the murderous and deadly paths already traveled according to “the book” that Mason studied in university, and the planet and people that they are, with reckless and shameless abandon … still … attempting to trash and destroy for their own political power mongering and for ever increasing profits for their true “masters” … their even richer church and corporate sponsors.

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