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LTE: Merger would create “bitterness and divison”

To the Editor:

It is clear the group calling itself “One LA” is spending an enormous amount of money to promote the merger of Lewiston and Auburn. I am curious where all of this money is coming from and what its true agenda is.

This has become a very divisive issue. A city charter is the local government equivalent of a constitution. To amend the federal constitution, a supermajority of two-thirds of the states is required. And yet, One LA is intent on pursuing its agenda of terminating two great cities, even if it means prevailing by a single vote in each city. This would mean, of course, that nearly half of the population would be dragged, unwillingly, into a brand-new municipality that none of them wanted to be a part of.

The One LA group, with all of its big money, is trying to shove their pet project down our throats. If they are successful, this will cause an enormous amount of bitterness and division among the residents of both cities. Some residents have even gone so far as to say they will move out of their city if this merger goes through.

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Enough is Enough: Lewiston hero showed undaunted concern for his comrades

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

“Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.” (There is no greater love than to give up one’s life for a friend/country.)  Thus is attributed to Marcus Tullius Cicero, Rome’s greatest orator.

On 19 March 1969, a son of Lewiston passed through the Gates of Heaven into eternal youth and life. His name was Thomas J. McMahon.

Tommy McMahon was born in Washington, D.C.  At some point, his family moved and settled into Lewiston.  Upon graduating from Lewiston High School in 1967 he joined the Army and became a combat medic serving with Company A, 2nd Battalion, First Infantry Regiment, 196th Infantry Brigade, Americal Division, Republic of South Vietnam.

In the Infantry, medics/corpsmen are reverently called, “Doc,” and they hold an elevated status with those whom they serve.  If you are wounded or hurt, they are Jonnie on the Spot to save and comfort you.  Once they stabilize you, they send you to the next stop:  a field hospital.

Spec 4 Tommy McMahon was awarded our country’s highest military honor, The Congressional Medal of Honor.  If you never served in the military, you look at this as a great honor, which it is.  If you served in an infantry unit, you may look upon it in a different light.

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Shelter +7, Archtype Structures team with Fontaine Family to market new building system

This Shelter+7 green home is days away from completion and Fontaine Family is offering an opportunity to view it by invitation only before the new owners take possession. For more information, call exclusive agents Caleb Labrie at 754-4275 or Charmaine Raby at 577-1034.

Shelter +7, Inc. of Greene and Archtype Structures, LLC of West Gardiner have teamed with The Fontaine Family – The Real Estate Leader to market and sell Shelter +7’s “Ultra High Performance Building Shell System” across the state. This partnership between the three companies puts all the components in place to develop, manufacture, construct, market, and sell Shelter +7’s next-generation building shell system in Maine and then across the country.

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Leading through Art

Members of Lewiston High School’s 21st Century “Leading through Art” mural team and L/A Arts staffers take a break from installing a work in preparation for last week’s Art Walk LA. The 21st Century Leaders showcased work from their 2017 summer internship program at three locations at the event.

Final week for summer tours at Norlands

Hiram Briggs, portrayed by Larry Whittington, explains the day’s penmanship lesson in the District #7 school house. Briggs (1838-1892) taught 18 terms of school in Livermore from 1848-1877. (Photo by Ryan Burnham)

Norlands Living History Center in Livermore will present the final living history tours of its summer season on Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday, August 26, 29, and 31, each day at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. To have time to enjoy the full site, plan to arrive by 3 p.m. Come tour the 1867 Washburn family mansion, farmer’s cottage, and one-room schoolhouse while visiting with interpreters dressed in period clothing who portray residents of the area from the 1800s. Round out your visit with a nature walk on a historic carriage trail or bring a picnic lunch to enjoy on the beautiful grounds. Admission is $10 for adults, $6 kids 12 and under, or $25 for a family of two adults with two or more children under 18. ?Discounted admission will be offered on August 31. Norlands is located at 290 Norlands Road in Livermore. For more information, call 897-4366 or see

Community Credit Union receives national CUNA awards 

Pictured here (l. to r.) are Executive Vice President Christina Carter and President/CEO Jennifer Hogan of Community Credit Union, with Maine Credit Union League Board Member Vicki Stuart.

Community Credit Union has been named the 2016 recipient of the CUNA Desjardins Financial Education Award for youth and adult financial education, the Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Award, and the Louise Herring Philosophy-in-Action Award. President/CEO Jen Hogan traveled to the Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington D.C. to accept the awards.

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Governor’s Address: Making promises is easy if you don’t live in the real world

It’s easy for politicians in Washington, D.C. to make promises to the people, especially when they don’t have to deal with real-world consequences.

Dear Maine Taxpayer,

Governors are directly accountable to the people. We are required to balance our budgets. If we fail to do that, our residents suffer the consequences, such as higher taxes or even government shutdowns.

We have to live with the consequences of our actions every day. Senators in Washington D.C. don’t have to deal with the harsh reality of keeping their promises. They just keep making promise after promise, even if it creates $20 trillion in debt.

Our Senators in Washington, D.C. want to expand Medicaid in Maine. They aren’t living in the real world. They did not have to deal with the disastrous effects of Maine’s Medicaid expansion in 2002.

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Enough is Enough: Well-heeled Southern Maine towns have no pity for Lewiston

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

Several years ago a coalition of service city mayors was formed to ensure that their cities would have an outlet to the legislature. Being a “service city” was the progressive code to indicate welfare was abound.

Collectively, the coalition strove to ensure that our cities were not left by the wayside and our many needs would be met.

School funding remains a constant problem, especially if you live in a small school district. One problem that could easily arise and place severe fiscal distress on a small school system is special education. Special education students range from a student needing a little bit of help in their schoolwork to the school system being forced to send a child out of state, often costing a healthy six-figure tuition in order to meet the child’s needs.

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Firehouse Subs mural portrays Balloon Festival

In keeping with the company’s founding by former firefighting brothers, the décor of the new Firehouse Subs restaurant at 410 Center Street in Auburn features firefighter memorabilia on display. The new restaurant also boasts this custom, hand-painted mural depicting store proprietor Coleman Sheffield and a fireman holding a Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation banner while standing between Lewiston and Auburn fire trucks at the annual Great Falls Balloon Festival.

Celebration Barn presents Rene Johnson’s GEEL

This original one-woman show offers a new kind of interactive theater, conveying Johnson’s personal journey toward overcoming childhood trauma. (Photo courtesy of Rene Johnson)

Celebration Barn Theater in South Paris will present Rene Johnson’s GEEL on Saturday, August 19 at 7:30 p.m. In this original one-woman show written and performed by René Johnson, the action unfolds through thoughtful storytelling as her “tribe” – the audience – experiences a new kind of interactive theater that includes powerful dance and song in multiple languages, including English, Afrikaans, and Xhosa.

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