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LETTER: Make Maine a “Right to Work” state

To the Editor:

For years the progressive Democrats have been yelling for a woman’s’ “freedom of choice” and “right to choose”.  But when it comes to joining a union or not, they are against the “right to choose”. Why?

They believe that a worker must join a union and pay union dues regardless of whether they want to or not in order to keep their job. Over 80% of the dues money then goes to support the Democrat party and President Obama, even though many union members don’t agree with his socialistic policies. Unions don’t represent all the workers; just a small fraction of workers belong to unions.

Indiana just became the 23rd state to abolish forced union dues. Let’s pray that Maine can follow suit. It’s all about more jobs, jobs, jobs. Young people are flocking to Right to Work states. Why? Because that’s where the jobs are.

Right to Work states have seen a 10% increase in younger residents age 25 to 34. College graduates go where the jobs are. The labor movement was born in freedom and choice. But now they don’t want to give workers freedom or choice. Give workers the right to choose. Why would anyone be against that choice?

Unions negotiate for their members. Contracts do not have to cover nonunion employees.  Look to the Right to Work states for this model.

Big Labor bosses who represent the Democratic Party are ready to spend over a billion dollars to prop up the Obama-Biden ticket and other pro-forced-unionism policies. Most of this money comes from forced union dues.

Polls show that roughly 80% of voting Americans agree no employee should be forced to pay union dues just to keep his job. Let Maine give all its workers the right to choose. Let Maine become the 24th state to adopt the national Right to Work law.

It’s time to give all workers the “right to chose”.

George Mathews


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