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Elvis visits Schooner Estates

Out and About

By Rachel Morin

AUBURN – Elvis Presley made a grand appearance at Schooner Estates Senior Living Community in Auburn the last week of May with an outdoor performance in The Courtyard.

 Following the spring rains, residents were pleased the day dawned warm and sunny with a blue sky and white fluffy clouds breezing along overhead. They had been looking forward to Elvis Presley’s arrival and were ready and waiting when he arrived!

Don Boudreau from Sidney, Maine, a solo Elvis Tribute Artist, captivated the audience at Schooner Estates in Auburn immediately with his electrifying entrance onstage at a concert the last week in May. (Photo by Lindsay Remington)

It was a fully-seated audience on the lawn when a good-looking, svelte, dark-haired Elvis Presley with the familiar sideburns, and wearing a sky blue costume accented with a deep vee neck, open to a jeweled cross nestled on his chest, strutted onstage to enthusiastic applause!

Don Boudreau, a solo Elvis Tribute Artist from Sidney Maine, had the Elvis moves alright, and certainly the persona was right on. And when he started singing, well, he had the voice as well! He was Elvis! The applause and excitement grew.

Don was an instant hit with the audience. His voice, singing style and mannerisms brought Elvis to life. He even had the Elvis curl in his lips as he sang. He was truly Elvis.

Don engaged with the audience easily with his warm friendly repartee, telling them stories about Elvis, his songs, his movies, and shared many tidbits on Elvis, how he started, his greatest hits and the movies he made and the back stories to these events.

As Don sung a huge collection of “The King’s” classics, he would tell us many details about each song. He had a huge history of Elvis, his music, his movies and his military service to the country, which he shared with the audience.

What was so vivid in Don’s performance was his regard and affection for Elvis, his love of his music, his love of performing, and his great rapport with the audience.

Don Boudreau as Elvis sings to his fans, including Venise Moreau (left), Wes Danforth, Gerry Martel, Claudette Martel, Lee Michaud, and Suzi Warschauer (peeking over Lee’s shoulder). Jaquie Emond and her friends watch from the deck enclosure. (Photo by Lindsay Remington)

 Don loved sharing Elvis with the people who came to see and hear Elvis. He saw how much it meant to the tenants to have Elvis there with them, just as he was in their younger days, when they attended the Elvis concerts.

This was Don’s greatest gift and satisfaction he received in bringing Elvis to them, as they were in their younger days. It brought back all their young memories of days gone by.

The audience moved and swayed with Elvis singing and they raised their hands in unison with the music. They knew and loved Elvis and remembered their youth and happy times when Elvis was alive and how they would sing along with him.

Don, the performing artist, was patriotic and spiritual. He shared many deep feelings with Elvis who was also patriotic and spiritual. The audience knew and related to these feelings. They knew Don enjoyed being Elvis and that he had a great admiration and respect for The King and his music.

The audience loved it when Elvis strolled into the audience, singing, and then talking with them. He asked if anyone had a request. Rene Poulin promptly raised his hand and called out “Hound Dog!” Elvis quickly obliged and many songs followed, one after the other.

I thought of listing all the songs sung which I’m sure would bring smiles to your faces, but it would take too much space. I’m sure many songs are coming to mind to you right now!

Anita Taylor, Rene Poulin and Joyce Poulin reminisce about the days when they saw Elvis in person. (Photo by Lindsay Remington)

So I’ll just say one particular hymn “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” (Glory, Glory Hallelujah) sung as only Elvis sung it, brought a solemn note to the concert and when finished, no eye was dry.

At the close of the concert, many posed to have pictures taken with The King by Lindsay Remington, Marketing Associate, and finished prints were given to residents as mementoes of the occasion.

Iced lemonade was served to everyone by Joanne Kramlich, Activities Coordinator and Skip Estes, Resident Services.

Boudreau is a trained vocalist and an accomplished musician. He is hugely popular throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Canada, thrilling audiences with his excellent renditions of Elvis Presley performances.

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