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Archive for December 2010

LETTER: YPLAA must wake up to downtown problems

Letter to the Editor:

“Fecta Non Verba Syndrome” appears to be striking many of Lewiston-Auburn’s young professionals.

The symptoms include delusions of grandeur, an inflated sense of importance, extreme bravado in safe surroundings, lack of courage when confronted with issues relating to political correctness and the wearing of a large gaudy college ring.

Upon reading, “Young Professionals want more Nightlife, Housing” (Twin City TIMES, page 1, November 25, 2010), I pictured the YPLAA (Young Professionals of the Lewiston Auburn Area) as a collection of frat boys and sorority sisters sitting around drinking expensive wines, eating brie and fantasizing how they will transform Lewiston-Auburn into a Utopia of restaurants, arts and a lively nightlife. They are young, college-educated professionals. They are L-A’s future leaders.

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LETTER: Firefighters respond to Aho on “Fill the Boot”

To the Editor:

I would like to take the opportunity to respond to Auburn City Manager Glenn Aho’s recent Weekly Review in the Twin City TIMES regarding “Fill the Boot.”

On Friday, November 12, Auburn Firefighters Local 797 and Lewiston Firefighters Local 785 gathered in front of Gritty’s in Auburn for their second annual “Gritty’s Boot Drive.” The Boot Drive is a method used by over 3,700 fire departments nationwide to gather money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).

The firefighters donate their personal time to collect money from generous citizens that are simply driving by them in their vehicles. 100 percent of the proceeds go to MDA, which is then distributed to families who need assistance to help battle any of 43 neuromuscular diseases.

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LETTER: AVCOG supports federal “earmarks”

To the Editor:

Federal directed appropriations (“earmarks”) are much in the news these days. Some consider earmarks a waste of money for useless pet projects, and others consider them an important and useful tool to accomplish specific objectives that will enhance and grow regional economies.

Speaking as the president of the Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments, I consider some of them as a vital private sector job development tools that support local and regional efforts that sustain local and regional economies.

In Lewiston, we will begin to see the impact of a recently approved 2010 earmark. This appropriation, supported by the entire congressional delegation, will launch a critically important downtown riverfront planning process that will determine the direction of this vital development area for generations to come.

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Mayor’s Corner: DREAM act, first step to Immigration Reform

By Laurent F. Gilbert Sr.

mayor of lewiston

The period between Thanksgiving Day and the new Congress coming into power is called the “Lame Duck Session.” This period should not become the “Dead Duck Session” as there is still much work to be done by this Congress.

One of the bills that stands a very good chance of being enacted into law is the DREAM Act, which is titled as the “Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act of 2010.”

I share with you below a summary of the DREAM Act, which was updated in September of this year and published by the National Immigration Law Center (NILC). I believe you will see the value of this bill becoming law, which has bi-partisan support. The question remains: will it become law for its merits or will it fail for nothing but political reasons?

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Land Trust to focus on branding Androscoggin River

The Androscoggin Land Trust on Tuesday will highlight another year of conservation and recreation, and it will envision a new future by branding the Androscoggin River.

With the backdrop of the Lewiston-Auburn region’s industrial and community history at Museum LA in the Bates Mill Complex, ALT will host its Annual Meeting on Tuesday, December 7.

Beginning at 5:30 p.m. with light refreshments by Teen Catering and Lots to Gardens, the evening will include a look back at the last year of conservation and recreation development in ALT’s region of the Androscoggin River watershed.

The feature program will be a workshop led by Bob White of ORW Landscape Architects and Planners in White River Junction, Vermont, a firm hired to lead the development of a wayfinding and signage plan for the Androscoggin River corridor from Dixfield through Lisbon.

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