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Archive for November 2011

LETTER: Making good schools great

To the Editor:

As superintendent of Lewiston Public Schools, I want to respond to Dick Sabine’s lengthy criticism of the present contract between the Lewiston School Committee and our teachers (Letter to the Editor: “Teachers’ contract is too generous; school committee is complacent,” TCT, Oct. 27, 2011).

This contract is the result of a negotiation process that results in compromises and trade-offs on both sides. When certain sections are taken separately, most any contract will have provisions that may seem unduly generous or restrictive to employer or employee. Taken as a whole, however, this contract is generally competitive with our neighboring school districts.

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LETTER: Vote “No” on Question 1

To the Editor:

Vote “No” on Question 1.

There are ridiculous claims by those who want you to vote “Yes.” They create an impression that you could lose your right to vote unless you support this ballot question. They put forth an innuendo that all of us will need to re-register to vote, and they claim there are precious days for registration that are being taken away from us. What a pile of hooey!

Check these points:

The current law, which these liberals want to overturn, does not take away anyone’s right to vote. It simply stops registration to vote two days before the election (250 other days are available for you to register). This gives the election clerks time to check all of the newly registered voters to determine if they are fraudulent or not. If you have registered once at your current address, you have no need to re-register.

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