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Enough is Enough: True community leaders motivate followers with their vision

By Robert E. Macdonald
Mayor of Lewiston
True leadership is a rare quality possessed by very few. There are successful business leaders who achieve fame and fortune through their hard-working staffs—staffs whose motivation comes from a handsome paycheck.
There are military leaders, whose absolute power over their troops is used to gain promotions and glory—this through the pain and dying of the troops under their command.
Then you have self-appointed community civic leaders—leaders who organize people from outside a neighborhood to come in to address problems in an unfamiliar neighborhood. They refer to this as help. I think it would be better defined as enabling.
True leaders do not rely on riches, power or celebrity status as a way to motivate people. True leaders have vision, a vision they are able to articulate in such a way that it motivates those hearing the message to realize the achievement of that vision is a reward in itself. Such a leader is the Rev. Doug Taylor, who along with his wife, Sonya, founded and run The Jesus Party on Bates Street in Lewiston.

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First Lady Ann LePage to Help Set World Record for Reading

First Lady Ann Lepage4
“Read for the Record” to raise national awareness about the importance of early education
First Lady Ann LePage participated in Jumpstart’s Read for the Record on Thursday, October 3. Together with Jumpstart and the Pearson Foundation, Mrs. LePage joined children and adults across the country to set a new world record for the largest shared reading experience.
The event was part of a nationwide early education awareness campaign that each fall focuses national attention on the importance of reading.

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Enough is Enough: It’s time to start investing in our local neighborhoods

By Robert E. Macdonald
Mayor of Lewiston
It’s time for Lewiston city government to take two steps back and call a time out. A time out to examine the whole city. An examination of our limited yearly resources to determine where we will get the best bang for our buck.
Where can we invest our money so that it will show a return?
Every day I speak to people from throughout Lewiston who relate to me problems in their neighborhoods they would like addressed. Many of these issues are quickly addressed by a simple phone call to one of the city’s departments.
Some can be rectified by a meeting between the taxpayer and city officials. Others, because of budget restraints, must wait their turn. This occasionally turns into a lengthy wait. All this while the city focuses on the downtown.

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Enough is Enough: Portland Pirates, Arts and Culture can help L-A achieve prosperity

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

Last Thursday, September 26, was the happiest day of my mayoral term. I feel it also has become a defining moment in both Lewiston and Auburn and possibly the surrounding communities.

The events that happened that day clearly open a path to success and prosperity to our area. But this success can only be achieved, first and foremost, by you, the people residing in our community. This is your chance to step up to the plate and put our area on the map.

What happened on September 26? Two major things: First the various groups responsible for arts and cultural events in the Twin Cities organized into a single group, Arts and Culture Lewiston Auburn. Second, although it is deeply instilled in Lewiston-Auburn culture, our second piece of good news does not fit into the preceding category: first-class professional hockey. Portland’s loss is our gain.

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Op/Ed: Mayors Against Illegal Guns is alive and growing

By Laurent F. Gilbert, Sr.
I write in response to Lewiston Mayor Bob Macdonald’s column of August 1, entitled “Mayors Against Illegal Guns goes overboard, loses credibility.” If that was Macdonald’s way of baiting me to respond, well, I’m biting.

I have never responded to his columns, although I’ve bitten my tongue repeatedly and chosen not to respond. I figured I would let him write unabated out of respect for the office, unlike he who would repeatedly criticize my weekly columns when I was mayor.

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Enough is Enough: Armored Personnel Carrier will be used to protect or save lives

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

The ground rumbled. Houses started shaking. Calls flooded the police, fire and emergency lines. Many turned on their TVs, looking for the answer. Others felt this was the end, their petitions for mercy filled the air, rising to Elysium. Then, suddenly, everything stopped.

An eerie quiet prevailed. Opening their eyes, they viewed the bright sun and blue skies. They ran from their homes to check and converse with their neighbors. Reaching the street, they suddenly froze in fear.

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Enough is Enough: Jobs: Those who don’t want them and those who are not allowed

By Robert E. Macdonald
Mayor of Lewiston
They are not our brightest.  We’re in big trouble if they are regarded as our best.  They invade Lewiston like a pestilence, infecting a few of our neighborhoods.  The majority can barely read or write even though they have lived in this country all their lives.  Collectively they appear as a breathing and walking illustration of the Maine State Disability Rating Manual.
Work skills?  Please!  But worse, they are fawned on by politicians who engage in Herculean efforts to make their idleness more comfortable.  This sympathetic policy will soon lead to a new underclass battle cry—Representation without Taxation.

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Enough is Enough: Proper foundation needed to create a destination city

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

Last Friday I attended a Board of Directors meeting of the Lewiston Auburn Economic Growth Council.  During the meeting two things became apparent. First, I really am in need of a pair of hearing aids.

Second, there is a lot more to economic development than bringing businesses and public transportation to an area.

These entities come as a result of creating an area that is not just livable, but also a place that individuals seek out and want to live.

Clean streets, vibrant houses and well-kept properties describe over 90 percent of Lewiston’s current neighborhoods. A mixture of young and older families serve to stabilize neighborhoods, creating a slow, steady turnover of properties.

The condensed area of our city allows residents a short travel to retail and grocery stores, hospitals and doctors’ offices, a variety of restaurants and eateries, as well as nature walks. Then there is my personal favorite: coffee shops.

Upon moving to Lewiston from Boston, one of the biggest amenities found in our community were the abundance of private and public children’s sports leagues covering all sports. No matter the abilities of the youngster, all sports were open to them—unlike larger areas, where a lack of talent precluded you from playing. This is a huge selling point when trying to attract younger families.

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Enough is Enough: Why is there so much pressure to attend college?

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

Apparently the mayoral campaign has started and friends of my opponent have begun attempts to discredit me.

In a Letter to the Editor published June 27 in TCT, “Students have a willingness to succeed,” signed by Jordan C.D. Handy, I am accused of negativity towards the Lewiston School System. (Oh, did I mention that his father, James Handy, is the chairman of the Lewiston School Committee and a friend of my opponent?)

Young Mr. Handy’s letter about one of my columns, which was published May 23, comes five editions after the column ran. Why the slow response?

In his letter, young Mr. Handy states that my column was written with a negative flavor. He contends that I implied that “The Lewiston Regional Technical Center is nothing more than a dumping ground for students that can’t succeed academically.” On the contrary, my article praised the program.

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Letters: Students have a willingness to succeed

To the Editor:

This is a rebuttal to Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald’s column, “Enough is Enough: College material, hospital debt and welfare expansion.”

Enough is enough with the negativity in the City of Lewiston.

The mayor writes that there is pressure on students to attend and graduate college. I don’t call it pressure at all. Instead, I believe students have a willingness to succeed and live a better life than their parents did.

Macdonald asserted that “many who falter academically excel in trades, such as automotive, woodworking, sheet metal and, in case you’ve been away from the area for a few years, an extremely renowned culinary arts program.”

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