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Enough is Enough Governor rejects “parking ticket policies,” seeks prosperity

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

They sound like spoiled little children, who after getting their way over the years are suddenly
introduced to the concept of “tough love.” Like any child after being told “no,” they whine that their parents are being unfair. They feel that their parents have become unhinged and unglued.

Last November Governor Paul R. LePage was re-elected by Maine voters. In doing so, he spent less money on his reelection than either of his opponents. His message and coat tails swept Republican candidates to victory. This led to Republicans taking over the Maine State Senate and gains in the House.

Governor LePage campaigned on tax reform – relief for those of us who actually pay taxes. He envisions and is working hard to eliminate the state income tax. If he accomplishes this, taxpayers should see a hefty increase in their take-home pay.

The Governor may be a politician, but he’s not your typical politician. He has something most politicians lack: intestinal fortitude. He is his own man who doesn’t dance to the harmonic tunes of progressive special
interest groups, nor does he weigh his decisions on which is the path of least resistance.

He has a wealth of leadership qualities. He understands that to ensure order, there can only be one person in charge. The Maine people chose him.

Governor LePage is once again being defiled by legislative leaders and the media for standing up for those who have no voice in Augusta: the hard-working and struggling middle-class taxpayers. His budget was formed using sound, private-sector business practices.

This conflicts with the deeply ingrained, time-tested “parking ticket” policies followed by career politicians that know only one way to balance a budget. Need money? Write a parking ticket.

Governor LePage’s attempts to bring fiscal restraint to Augusta are being fought tooth and nail by progressives who have gotten their way by crushing their opposition over the past few decades. They hope to create a state that makes the republics of Vermont and Massachusetts appear to be conservative Disneylands.

Maine is a beautiful four-season state known as Vacationland. Last weekend we attracted a record number of tourists. However, we seem to have a hard time attracting businesses and permanent residents.

Some would argue the harsh winter weather keeps people away. But in Maine, an hour or two after a storm, everything is back to normal. Yet states that continually suffer destructive tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, wildfires and severe droughts seem to have no problem attracting residents and businesses. Why?

Governor LePage was elected to lead the State of Maine. He has a plan to fiscal prosperity. Such a revamping would put an end to “the good time Charlie” attitude of progressive spending. Maine can become a prosperous and popular state once again. Will it hurt? Probably.

Maine has a Governor who possesses intestinal fortitude. Now if we could only find a majority of our current state legislators who possess this quality.

Like Governor LePage, I know what it is like to be pounded by the media and my opponents. During the past three-and-a-half years, I have continually hit a brick wall in my quest to bring about welfare reform in Maine. I have learned that progressive groups, such as the Maine Peoples Alliance and Maine Equal Justice Partners, trump taxpayers’ voices every time. They are the Left’s version of what our progressive whiners continually blast: corporate greed.

There are two bills before the Legislature, LD 368 and LD 369. One brings us into compliance with state and federal law, allowing no more than five years of municipal welfare. The other would stop undocumented aliens from being eligible for municipal aid.

These bills are straightforward. They were crafted by the welfare directors of both Lewiston-Auburn and me. Passage of these bills will go a long way to creating economic development in our area.

The passage of these bills is critical for the future of Lewiston-Auburn. Local Legislators casting a vote for both bills will be representing the interests of Lewiston-Auburn taxpayers.

A vote against either or both bills should be seen as supporting the pro-welfare policies of the Maine Peoples Alliance and Maine Equal Justice Partners.

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