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LETTER: LePage is more like us than them

To the Editor:

Eight Republicans, politicians all, reassured and confident that they must be right because of their number, have like a noisy gaggle of gossips joined together to publicly complain about Governor LePage’s behavior. (Op/Ed: “Republican Senators express concern about Governor’s tone,” TCT, page 3, April 7, 2011.

The Governor, it is generally agreed, misbehaves; he is similar to the girls and women we found so interesting when we were very young, the kind that other women and girls whispered about, you know—easy.

Reporters delight in this; they deliberately and continuously provoke him until they have their way with him. And when they do, they rush to tell everyone, gleefully putting his unrestrained remarks into newspaper headlines.

These eight would dissuade LePage from being who he is—more like us than them—and they would encourage him by their attack to be politic, like them. Politic, the root word of “politician” means sagacious, scheming and sly.

The typical and successful politician (this is a politician successful in being reelected), is articulate and able to convince voters that they each share the same beliefs. And when they vote against something voters passionately favor, they convince them that they are still in agreement, but voted against some objectionable part of the bill. It is easier to tightly hold a fist full of water than to pin down a politician.

The most important aspect of politicians is that they are easily able to increase both spending and taxes and do so without creating anything worthwhile. They don’t make government efficient, and they will not solve the education problem. Instead, they work for the lobbyists that fund them and for the blocs of voters who, along with the lobbyists, ensure their reelection.

Paul LePage’s problem is not his behavior. His problem is that he isn’t a politician, and that’s why I remain hopeful.

Dick Sabine


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