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Enough is Enough: Legislators should focus on their constituents, not the Governor

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

What will the Democrats think of next?  Every day they seem to come up with another strategy which they hope will be successful in removing our Maine People’s Choice Governor, Paul R. LePage, from office.

It is sad when so much thought and effort is put into removing the Governor. It would be nice if this type of effort would be focused on a suffering constituency instead of a group of politicians uncomfortable with our current Governor.

The latest scam, in their repertoire of their ever shrinking bags of cons, is claiming the Governor’s recent actions will keep tourists from coming to our State. Please, give me a break! And just how was this conclusion reached?

It seems that a Massachusetts woman, Lauri Hunt of Wakefield, Mass., sent an email to 34 Republican Maine legislators threatening to boycott Maine if they “continue to stand by and do nothing about your Governor.” Hunt also went on to say that she comes to Maine (98 miles from Wakefield) to do her shopping for school clothes for her kids, usually spending about $800.

She stated when making this trip, she stays in a Maine hotel overnight. She goes on to say although she is an Independent, she usually votes Republican. But I saved the best for last.

Hunt is the sister of Democratic House Majority Leader Jeff McCabe of Skowhegan, one of the Governor’s fiercest critics. But wait, there’s more.

One of our local legislators, Republican Steve Wood, sent a nasty response to her nasty email, referring to her as a “Mass hole” and telling her to keep her advice to herself because Mainers are capable of running our State.  He now has apologized for the term he used to describe her.

Personally, I was disappointed that Rep. Wood apologized. I come from Boston and have been called and have referred to some Bay Staters as “Mass holes.” If the shoe fits wear it.

It appears that our Maine State Republican Legislators have gone AWOL. Apparently, when things get tough, it’s time to disappear.

It’s long past time that the Republican Legislative leadership take their minions to a Maine beach along the ocean. Please do not leave until everyone fills up on sand (a.k.a. intestinal fortitude). They could then return to Augusta and engage those wily, rascally Democrats.

How long will the Republican Legislators allow the savaging of Governor LePage to go unchecked? And again, why have the media given a pass to the reporter whose banter with LePage set the stage for this unceasing barrage of media stories? Why do they give Rep. Drew Gattine more credibility than Governor LePage?

Words have meaning. Change a word in a sentence and suddenly that alteration will give the sentence a new meaning. Three Republican Legislators are lawyers: Rep. Ken Fredette, Sen. Roger Sherman and Sen. Roger Katz. Why have they not corrected the media on what the Governor said versus what the media is stating he said?

I know why the Democrats and their media allies are running these stories. What has befuddled me is why the Republican leadership is not correcting this.

Lastly, the readers of this paper are from Maine’s Second Congressional District. We don’t respond politely to those who slander us using polite verbiage. If anything, people living here look at the Southern Maine elitists as a “bucket of deplorables.”

We drive Chevys, Fords and Harleys. Why? Because like Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio and Barbra Streisand, we would like to leave our carbon footprints too. We prefer domestic beer and Jack Daniels over imported wines and a juicy cut of beef over aged, imported cheeses.

We in the Second District represent the average, working American. We are not clones of the haughty, elitist class that yearns to live in a La-La Land known as Tinseltown.

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