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Enough is Enough: Maine experiences very little gun violence

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

In mid-July of 1977, the State of Massachusetts had been taken over by young, still wet-behind-the-ears Democrats. Their progressive mindset had been shaped and molded by hardcore socialist professors. They were going to teach the world to sing a socialist tune.

Their extensive indoctrination led them to discard reality and to pursue and create a brave new world. They were definitely not the Democratic party of my parents or grandparents. They set about to create the New Republic of Massachusetts.

Soon a once thriving, orderly and civil society changed. Men set aside their traditional attributes of protectors and breadwinners, transforming themselves into the role of male mothers. These new, progressive Democrats marched down a new road—a road where the unproductive were rewarded for their behavior at the expense of the hard-working taxpayers. Their progressive policies destroyed the strong foundation of many families. Neighborhoods became crime-ridden war zones.

In Boston, they declared the school system to be segregated, then proceeded to transform schools that had been successful into liberal dysfunction. They raised taxes to develop solutions. But, like fuel on a fire, the more money they threw at the problem, the worse the problem became.

It became apparent it was time to leave what was home for 30-plus years, flee the progressive tyranny and join the Great Conservative Diaspora.

Packing up our Conestoga wagon, we fled North with most of our belongings and a small amount of cash we were able to hide from the Massachusetts Tax Man. Reaching Maine, employment was secured and we were now safe to continue the dream of “Life, the way it used to be.”

But, like all tyrannical governments driven by ideology, Massachusetts sent out agents to secure a hold and spread their doctrine to other states.

When it comes to firearms, Maine is among several states in which 99 percent of those owning firearms are unquestionably responsible people. Gun safety is paramount in the home, while using them for hunting and recreation. Maine experiences very little gun violence. In Maine, firearms are respected, not feared.

A few weeks ago, I received a letter from Boston Mayor Martin Walsh. He asked me to join with him and other New England mayors to address and stop gun violence. I declined. Why focus on and devote time to an issue that is close to non-existent in Maine?

Well-meaning groups like this are formed to provide cover to the ineptitude of those elected leaders and their cronies to deal with what appears to be an unsolvable problem. Thus it is with firearms.

Gun violence continues to erupt throughout most of the large cities in our country. In New Orleans, four people were killed and 15 wounded over last Memorial Day Weekend. During this month’s Fourth of July holiday weekend in Chicago, the city put on a display of fireworks and shootings. Eighty-two people were shot, 14 of whom were killed. This in a city that the media reports has the toughest gun laws in the nation.

“Three killed, eighteen wounded as wave of gun violence sweeps across all five boroughs.” Thus read the headlines in the New York Daily News on Sunday June 29, 2014. The significance of this story provides those who support Second Amendment rights and common-sense conservatives (Are there any other kind?) something to point to, showing how out of touch liberal policies have become.

In New York City, they have strict gun laws for law-abiding citizens. Thanks to new progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio, violent gun crimes have spiked. The reason? He stopped the policy of “stop and frisk” because we wouldn’t want to subject criminals to public embarrassment by the police.

That brings us back to Boston and Mayor Walsh. I hope he succeeds in his efforts to reduce violent gun crime in my former hometown. To do this, he must break away from the progressive policies of making excuses for the action of criminals and make them accountable for their crimes. He further must repatriate these vicious offenders to prison.

This is just a small part of the liberal progressive tyranny I fled. In November when you go to the polls to vote, know which side of the issues each candidate is on. Then ask yourself: Do I want to continue the phrase “Maine, the way life used to be” or change it to “Maine, the new Massachusetts”?


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