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Archive for July 2012

Snowe-Mello defends reforms that promote tax fairness

By Sen. Lois Snowe-Mello


In a recent Letter to the Editor, Senator Margaret Craven (D-Lewiston) took issue with my column, entitled “Legislature adjourns after enacting historic reforms.” Specifically, she questions the tax, health care, regulatory and welfare reforms that are already benefiting Mainers.

These reforms were adopted to restore balance to state government and promote jobs and opportunity for Maine people.

Unfortunately, Senator Craven criticizes a law that she voted for and uses it to argue against my column. Furthermore, in her haste to disagree with me, it appears that she doesn’t fully appreciate what she voted for. It is tough to argue with such logic without appearing impolite, but here goes.

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LETTER: Taxes are a necessary good

To the Editor:

I really don’t want to comment on our governor and the Gestapo, but unfortunately I fear something very important may get lost amidst all the cacophony of the 24-hour circus of punditry.

Governor LePage’s words may have been poorly chosen, but they were deliberately chosen. These were not off-the-cuff press conference remarks: this was his prepared weekly address to the state, and it represents our state to the nation and the world, when our state should be representing delightful summer vacations.

Though he may apologize for using specific words that have caused offense, LePage firmly believes the sentiment he spoke. Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon one.

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LETTER: Make Maine a “Right to Work” state

To the Editor:

For years the progressive Democrats have been yelling for a woman’s’ “freedom of choice” and “right to choose”.  But when it comes to joining a union or not, they are against the “right to choose”. Why?

They believe that a worker must join a union and pay union dues regardless of whether they want to or not in order to keep their job. Over 80% of the dues money then goes to support the Democrat party and President Obama, even though many union members don’t agree with his socialistic policies. Unions don’t represent all the workers; just a small fraction of workers belong to unions.

Indiana just became the 23rd state to abolish forced union dues. Let’s pray that Maine can follow suit. It’s all about more jobs, jobs, jobs. Young people are flocking to Right to Work states. Why? Because that’s where the jobs are.

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Paralympian Matt Updike joins Dempsey Challenge

U.S. paralympian handcyclist Matt Updike of Denver, Colorado, will take part in this year’s Dempsey Challenge presented by Amgen. The non-competitive run, walk and cycling event benefiting The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing will take place Oct. 13 and 14 in Lewiston.

Updike will represent the U.S. in the London Paralympic Games beginning Aug. 29 where more than 4,000 athletes from 160 countries are expected to compete.

“I am honored to be invited to participate in such a great event,” said Updike. “Having to overcome a huge adversity in my own life when I was paralyzed, while certainly not the same, I feel I can relate to someone receiving the diagnosis of cancer. And having two close friends pass at an early age because of the disease recently, I want to support the fight against it in any way I can.”

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Nearly 500 registered for Emily’s Run

Nearly 500 runners and walkers have registered for Emily’s Run, the second round of the Greater L-A Triple Crown 5K Series presented by Maine Orthopaedic Foundation. The event will take place Sunday, July 22 at 9 a.m. at Edward Little High School.

Registration is $20 per person and available through the event website ( through July 18. Race day registrations will be $25. Volunteers are in need and those interested may also register through the website.

The Bridge Run Foundation will be providing free race-day registration to all children ages 14 and under who would like to run any Triple Crown Series 5K. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the registration table and indicate they are a Bridge Run Foundation Runner. T-shirts will be sold separately.

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Enough is Enough: Political leaders are the culprits in the welfare mess

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

Not since Attila and his hordes of Huns thundered west from Eastern Europe has the world experienced what is now taking place in Lewiston. Daily, legions of maxed out former TANF clients are descending on our General Assistance Department.

Last Monday morning while riding toward Lewiston City Hall, I noticed two distinct groups forming lines at both the Park Street and the Pine Street entrances to City Hall.

The shorter line on Park Street was made up of what appeared to be “New Mainers.” (To those who follow this column weekly, I have purposely not used the word “refugee” so as not to offend those who find the word “hurtful” and wish to purge it from the English language).

The other group at the entrance on Pine Street consisted of native-born vagabonds. It was easily twice the size of the group waiting on Park Street. They were tanned, unkempt and covered with tattoos and body piercings, which collectively probably equaled the average yearly pay of most Lewiston workers.

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LETTERS: Maine Senators took part in Obamacare travesty

To the Editor:

Regarding the column by U.S. Senator Susan, “Healthcare law isn’t the answer,” which appeared July 5 in Twin City TIMES: “First do no harm,” indeed.

Spare me the righteous indignation, Senator Collins. I submit for consideration the fact that the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold much of Obamacare, aka “the Affordable Care Act,” would never have happened had you and Senator Snowe not voted to approve both Justices Sotomayor and Kagan.

You were quoted in July 2010 USA Today as saying, “I believe it is critical for nominees to have a judicial philosophy that is devoid of prejudgment, partisanship and preference.”

Turns out that’s not exactly the case with either of the nominees that you crossed party lines to approve to the Supreme Court.

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LETTER: Craven’s numbers don’t add up

To The Editor:

I must take issue with Senator Margaret Craven’s rebuttal in the July 6, 2012 issue of Twin City TIMES. Attacking fellow Senator Lois Snowe-Mello by saying “her logic is often misleading, if not outright wrong,” Craven finds herself guilty of the very same offense.

As a sitting senator who voted on the tax law changes, surely Senator Craven must understand that the tax changes will create more than “one dollar in their pocket,” which she indicated would be the additional gain to the taxpayer. The law has three distinct items that will help every working family in Maine.

Beginning in 2012, the state will allow the federal standard deduction, replacing the current lower state deduction. For 2012 that means a married couple’s first $11,900 is tax exempt, which is $2,150 more than Maine currently allows.

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LETTER: Craven prefers capitalism without capitalists

To the Editor:

Rep. Margaret Craven’s July 5 Letter to the Editor may seem at first reading to be an attack on Sen. Lois Snowe-Mello. That is a superficial reading.

In reality, it is a part of the Craven’s ongoing effort to claim the title of Maine’s Silliest Liberal. Rather sad in a way. She has no hope of competing with Cynthia Dill, Maine’s funniest blonde joke.

Her letter has some interest, however, as a sampling of standard liberal talking points. She writes that “the top 6,800 households, families making $366,000 or more, will realize an average savings of $21,638. Let’s not pretend that helping the most successful among us somehow helps the least fortunate among us; all it does is amplify income inequality and class tensions.”

Notice Craven’s assumption that we can have a capitalist system without successful capitalists: her belief that allowing people to keep what they earn is “helping” them, as well as the spectacle of liberals everywhere beavering away to build class tensions while shedding crocodile tears over class tension.

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Museum L-A to host “Down by the Riverside”

Get your dancing shoes ready, because on Saturday, August 11, Museum L-A’s successful Under the Stars dance party will move “Down by the Riverside” to the Androscoggin Riverfront. The party will follow last year’s mortgage-burning celebration as the second Museum L-A event to be held at 1 Beech Street, adjacent to Simard-Payne Park in Lewiston, location of the Museum’s future home.

This evening of dancing in the moonlight will feature music by The Moon Dawgs, who’ve kept L-A rocking since 1963, and a long intermission capped by a surprise Riverfront show. Refreshments will be provided by The Green Ladle; a cash bar will be available. Doors will open at 7 p.m., with dancing from 8:00 to midnight.

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