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Enough is Enough: On November 6, will you choose fantasy or reality?

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

Last Saturday many from our area displayed, by their unselfish actions, the true definition of community. Hundreds showed up at Lewiston’s Green Ladle Restaurant to support little Noah Blakey and his family in his courageous battle against cancer. Noah, you’re in our thoughts and prayers.

With 13 days to go before the upcoming election, you—the voting property taxpayers—have a decision to make. Do you want to continue the steady growth of privately owned businesses that create jobs and a tax base? Or should we continue to turn Lewiston into the largest soup kitchen and homeless shelter in the state?

The choice is yours on November 6.

I saw a sign posted in a field along Sabattus Street that stated Democrats are for jobs and education. The sign carries a great message until you ask yourself, “Who’s not for jobs and education?”The answer is no one.

Then we have the claim, “I’m for our veterans and will fight to insure they are taken care of!” Unless you’re a long-haired, dope-smoking, tattoo-laden child of the 1960s or one of their offspring, who’s against veterans?

When I was growing up in Boston, the Democratic Party was truly the party of the working people. Our Catholic parishes took care of the needs of the poor and needy, not the taxpayers. Ward bosses provided jobs for those needing work to support their families. Legendary Boston Mayor James Michael Curley went to jail for taking a civil service test for a constituent in order to get him a job.

Today the Democratic Party has moved away from its traditional values. “Job creation” means taxpayer-funded civil-service jobs, not private-sector jobs. The bureaucracy created by these jobs come up with every imaginable way to discourage new entrepreneurs from pursuing their dreams and current businesses from expanding because of crushing rules, regulations and taxes.

Handouts now replace hand-ups, environmentalists trump union jobs and schools have relegated academics to the dust pen of history so that a social education—once deemed the responsibility of parents—is the responsibility of our teachers.

Former Democratic Mayor and Ambassador to the Vatican Ray Flynn summed it up best while standing outside the Democratic Convention four years ago. When asked by a reporter why he was not part of the convention, Flynn responded: “Who in there represents me or the people of this neighborhood?”

What has happened to the old-time Democratic Party? Many have left to join the current local Republican Party. Many former Democrats are currently running for state office. The realism of life caused them to leave the party of fantasy and utopian progressiveness.

On November 6, are you going to choose reality or fantasy? Your future, your kid’s future and your grandkids’ future is riding on your decision.

Let us briefly change gears and talk about what voters think is free money. Let’s discuss bonding.

Bonding is nothing more than the failure of our legislators to do their job. If we need it, appropriate the money for it.

Legislators are in Augusta to do a job, not to placate their constituents or shun their duties in order to be reelected. Bonding allows them to invoke the Pontius Pilate defense so that you, the voters, become responsible if things go awry and our politicians are hailed as heroes if things go well.

You might ask, “What could possibly be the downside of a particular bond?”The answer: our current turnpike tolls. This increase is due to the balloon payments now owed as a result of widening the southern portion of the Maine Turnpike. What are the chances you voted to approve this bond?

On November 6, if any bond does not directly benefit Lewiston-Auburn, don’t vote for it. If we are forced to contribute, we want our fair share.

Because of a scheduling conflict, I was unable to speak to our welfare director in order to obtain our current TANF numbers. Review last week’s numbers. Remember in November.

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