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LETTER: Great news from the mayor

To the Editor:

I just opened the January 6 issue of Twin City TIMES and was pleasantly surprised to see that Mayor Larry Gilbert wasn’t patting himself on the back for all that he has done or telling us about his good buddy Mayor Bloomberg down in New York City or telling us that we need to pass the DREAM Act so we can let people who are in the country illegally go to college on our dime or telling us that we need more federal funding for so-called refugees at the same time our country is running a $14 trillion-plus deficit.

It is good to see that we have until January 20 before we have to read more pat me on the back, I’m important, tax-and-spend, illegal is not illegal, it’s an immigrant. Much like a bank robber isn’t a felon, but in fact a withdrawal artist.

Mayor Gilbert did provide some great news though: this is his last year as mayor. Whoopie! Let the party begin.

Mickey Meader


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