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LETTER: Skin color and inappropriate behavior

To the Editor:

With tongue firmly planted in my cheek, I would like to applaud Lewiston Mayor Bob Macdonald for his keen eye, attention to detail and apparent sense of style.

While I did not attend Lewiston High School’s graduation, I had heard of some minor disruptions and some students (and parents) exhibiting inappropriate behavior.

However, it was not until Mayor Macdonald’s June 7 eloquently penned “Enough is Enough” piece in Twin City TIMES that I found out the perpetrators of this heinous act were “immigrants”, “ingrates”, “unproductive parents” and the poorly dressed, “who looked like they just got off work at the mill.”

Those who told me about Lewiston’s graduation didn’t think to mention the race or home country of those they witnessed acting out. To them, it didn’t matter. You see, we should be striving for a society where individuals are not recognized or called out for the color of skin, sexual orientation or ability to purchase nice clothing.

Mayor Macdonald’s piece would have been equally effective, honest and true had he not commented on immigration status of the individuals involved. This was a strategic choice by the mayor. By all accounts, the behavior of some was disappointing; to most the color of their skin is of no consequence.

As long as elected and self-appointed leaders continue to call out individuals of another race or creed, we will continue to have race riots in Tel Aviv and ethnically motivated assaults in cities like Atlanta, Denver and Chicago. Will Lewiston be next?

Mayor Macdonald is clearly trying to set a tone for the City of Lewison: his way or the highway. Let’s make these “guests” (as he calls them) as uncomfortable as possible. His title carries little power, but what he does have is words. Well-placed and choreographed words can cause great harm and angst. The mayor knows this.

As Lewiston’s head of household, he could be much nicer to his guests. Clearly, he hopes their stay is short one.

Will Fessenden



2 Responses to “LETTER: Skin color and inappropriate behavior”

  • Pierre Renaud:

    Its got nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with money. As a property owner and property tax payer in Lewiston i have seen my propertys value drop, while my taxes to.the city are astronomical! It would be one thing if the new arrivals came and bought houses and property and paid taxes. Unfortunately most immigrants want only the free welfare, housing, and any other stuff our government deems they need. And the rest of us have to work hard and pay our bills &a taxes. We as non immigrants are left holding the bill! Where do these immigrants think the money comes from? I dont see too many moving to sabattus! My guess is that you are a social worker or another state worker that benefits from the continuation of more people on welfare.

  • For the people who still dont realize that it has been over 10 years that we the tax payers have been supporting these immigrants why dont they personally adopt the new comers and save the hard working people higher taxes!

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