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Archive for November 2010

Young Professionals seek more nightlife, housing in downtown

The Young Professionals of the Lewiston-Auburn Area, an organization of The Chamber of Commerce, have created a mission statement that focuses on revitalization of the Lewiston and Auburn downtowns.

This is YPLAA’s “What We Stand For” report for 2010:

In cities big and small, the presence of a dynamic downtown core plays a vital role in the recruitment and retention of young adults. As the cities of Lewiston and Auburn each pursue a plan for future economic growth and community development, it is essential that young adults play an active role in shaping this development according to their present and future needs.

It is our intention to help shape the course of action that is to address local policies and planning decisions affecting young adults.

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Community Little Theatre to host public meeting on search for new home

Great Falls Art Center, home to Community Little Theatre and several arts-related tenants, is due for demolition in June, 2011.

The Board of Directors of Lewiston-Auburn Community Little Theatre met Saturday, November 20 in a three-hour meeting to discuss the Auburn City Council’s decision to demolish the Great Falls Art Center. The building must be vacated by May, 2011. Demolition is planned for June, 2011.

CLT and other tenants have a six-month period to find a new home. After much discussion and options, it was decided to hold a Town Hall meeting at 4 p.m. on Saturday, November 27 at Great Falls Art Center, 30 Academy St., Auburn.

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Letter: Majority of voters should elect governor

To the Editor:

In the November 11 edition, Bob Stone wrote a letter extolling the victory of Republicans (“TCT assists in Republican avalanche,” TCT, page 3).

He included information that Mr. Lepage won the election by 10,000 votes. What he neglected to say was that Mr. Lepage received less than 40% of the vote. Therefore, nearly two-thirds of the votes were cast against him. This is by no means a mandate for the policies voiced by Mr. LePage.

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Letter: Veterans deserve more attention from mayor

Letter to the Editor:

Can you find La Puente, California on a map? Have you ever heard of Bishop Amat Memorial School? Do you know the name of the school’s most accomplished graduate? Do you really care?

Why is it that Lewiston Mayor Laurent Gilbert continues to bore us with stories about his childhood friends’ military exploits during local veterans gatherings? Why does he continue to ignore the feats of local veterans? Does he feel their exploits do not rise to those of his classmates?

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Letter: Arts center at Great Falls School

To the Editor:

I’ve questioned long-term Auburn residents about the former Great Falls School and the politics surrounding its present state of affairs. It seems that city politicians have bounced the old building back and forth for years and years.

Several studies of the school have been completed in the last 10 years (to the tune of approx. $70,000, I hear), and they all found basically the same things. The measurements of rooms, hallways, the auditorium, gymnasium, etc. were the same in the last study as in the first.

As it stands, the heating and utility use is a drain on city funds. The building gets more and more run down as time passes and vandals break windows and use the grounds as their toilet. A quick visit to the building reveals old, torn carpeting mended with duct tape, malfunctioning toilets, lights that no longer work and general shabbiness throughout.

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Letter: Hunting, fishing licenses should be free

To the Editor:

The State of Maine, by eliminating hunting and fishing licenses for its residents, has an opportunity to propel our state into the future.

Let us first ask why a Maine resident should require a license to hunt or fish. Except as a source of state revenue, there is no compelling reason that can’t be answered by acceptable identification and a computer. These would, as effectively as paper licenses, prevent poaching.

The world has changed, and the now popular use of handheld devices, capable of sending data and messages, makes self-registration of game possible and, if necessary, can even include a game photo.

This proposal for free licenses is really about efficiency. How efficient is it to annually require every active hunter and fisherman in the State of Maine, or their spouse, to visit their town hall, engage a municipal employee and pay a licensing and processing fee?

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Gov.-Elect LePage announces Budget Working Group

At the State House Tuesday, Maine Governor-Elect Paul LePage announced the members of his Budget Working Group, a bipartisan team that includes experienced legislators and respected business leaders.

The group will be helping Maine’s incoming governor prepare his budget proposal for the 2012-13 Biennium. Members of the team have worked for Democrat, Independent and Republican governors. They have served in the executive branch and helped write past budgets as members of the Appropriations Committee.

The budget group will be headed by State Rep. Sawin Millett (R-Waterford), a longtime member of the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee. He will be assisted by Tarren Bragdon, executive director of the Maine Heritage Policy Center.

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Team Gippers wins YMCA’s first golf tourney

Team Fournier wins YMCA Golf Tourney

John Ladd, Lena Jo Hartley, Melissa Johnson and Tom Fournier of Team Gipper’s won the 1st Annual YMCA Golf Tournament & Auction.

Team Gippers won the 1st Annual YMCA Golf Tournament & Auction contest, an event that helps to support the many youth and family programs offered at the Auburn-Lewiston YMCA.

This year’s event included 29 foursomes, 42 sponsors from the local business community and two dozen volunteers, who organized and orchestrated an effort that raised $21,496. One-hundred percent of the proceeds will go to support the many youth and family programs offered at the Auburn-Lewiston YMCA.

A local businessman and title sponsor of the tournament, Jim Whitmore, reflected on his years as a member of the YMCA as a youngster. “As the owner of four area NAPA retail stores, I am proud to sponsor this event as a way to support the efforts of the YMCA in engaging children in quality programs, addressing childhood obesity and developing character in our youth,” he said.

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LETTER: Why label Cutler, Mitchell as elitists?

To the Editor:

There was enough name calling during the recent political season. Why make things nastier still by labeling Eliot Cutler and Libby Mitchell “elitists” in your November 4 editorial? (“Paul LePage: the people weren’t fooled,” page 3, TCT, Nov. 4, 2010)

Just because Mr. Cutler spent some time out of state in that distant land called Washington, D.C., actually learning some of the ropes that make this country operate and just because he was successful as a lawyer and businessman, learning the ropes of the global economy, does that make him an elitist?

Just because Mrs. Mitchell was a successful and respected legislator in Augusta for quite some time—perhaps becoming an elite legislator—does that make her an elitist? Since when are Democrats, always accused of being easy on welfare, a party of elitists?

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LETTER: New legislature offers hope for Charter Schools

To the Editor:

Governor-elect Paul LePage is a strong supporter of public charter schools, along with other forms of school choice. Since the elections also brought in a new majority in the Legislature, the Maine Association for Charter Schools (MACS) is optimistic that enabling legislation for public charter schools will be enacted in the upcoming legislative session, beginning in January.

The next step for MACS is to host a forum in mid-December for all interested groups to discuss the content of proposed legislation, building on the national model bill as adapted for Maine. (See the original bill, LD 1438, at

Maine is one of only 11 states that do not allow charter schools. That is one reason Maine is ranked seventh from the bottom in terms of education reform and a factor in why Maine is not eligible for federal Race to the Top funding. The Maine Education Association strongly opposes charter schools, which would introduce competition into the state’s educational system.

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