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LETTER: Why label Cutler, Mitchell as elitists?

To the Editor:

There was enough name calling during the recent political season. Why make things nastier still by labeling Eliot Cutler and Libby Mitchell “elitists” in your November 4 editorial? (“Paul LePage: the people weren’t fooled,” page 3, TCT, Nov. 4, 2010)

Just because Mr. Cutler spent some time out of state in that distant land called Washington, D.C., actually learning some of the ropes that make this country operate and just because he was successful as a lawyer and businessman, learning the ropes of the global economy, does that make him an elitist?

Just because Mrs. Mitchell was a successful and respected legislator in Augusta for quite some time—perhaps becoming an elite legislator—does that make her an elitist? Since when are Democrats, always accused of being easy on welfare, a party of elitists?

Should Mr. LePage, as he assembles his team in Augusta, look only east of the Kennebec for talent, since Southern Maine is “basking in economic sunlight?” Should he look only for high school or college graduates so that no one with an advanced degree—thereby a possible elitist—can serve him? Should he turn in his own MBA?

Heavens, those with such a degree often rise into the economic elite!

As for Democrats now working “tirelessly to undermine him,” just what has the “Party of No” been doing at the Federal level for the past two years? I have gotten the impression over time that Democrats make an effort to be reasonable while Republicans take no prisoners.

I wish Mr. LePage success and feel that he should get a fair shake. If he wants to work with everyone and listen to all voices—elite or otherwise—so much the better.

Edward Walworth, MD


One Response to “LETTER: Why label Cutler, Mitchell as elitists?”

  • S Mathews:

    The party of “NO” means No power, hard to do much without power for 4 years. Easy to be reasonable when you hold all the power. Easy to enslave all your captures ie prisoners and control them with $$ gifts (welfare, bailouts, etc.). Lets wish the new administration well as they try to control spending, taxes and our future.

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