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Archive for June 2012

Art Walk to feature “Dîner en Blanc”

Franco-inspired folk music will accompany an all-white-attire Parisian pop-up picnic and party at the next Art Walk Lewiston-Auburn on Friday, June 29.

On that night, Art Walk Lewiston-Auburn (AWLA) will once again transform the downtown area into a hub of cultural activity. Beginning at 5 p.m., AWLA’s 16 locations, spanning Lisbon Street from Captive Elements Art House to J. Dostie Jewelers, will be open to the public to feature the work of local artists.

To mark the occasion, L/A Arts will host Lewiston-Auburn’s second annual “Dîner en Blanc” at Dufrense Plaza, across from the District Court building on Lisbon Street, from 6 to 8 p.m. The event is free and will feature entertainment by Smithsonian Folkways recording artist Michele Choiniere. Center Street Dental is the sponsor of the event.

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LETTER: Mayor’s neck on the chopping block

To the Editor:

I think the words “Enough is Enough” should be attached to the “Welcome to Lewiston” signs at the entrances of our city.

I wish that Mayor Robert Macdonald could also be police chief and judge, all at the same time. There is no doubt in my mind that Macdonald’s voice of reason is the answer to many of the problems that this community is struggling with.

I would encourage the residents and tax payers of this city to rise up and support the mayor as he continually puts his neck on the chopping block of political correctness. He continually points out the problems of irresponsible immigration policies, welfare abuse, crime and the lay-abouts that litter our streets.

His message is very simple and so needed for times such as this. He wants people to work hard, be polite, volunteer time, be neighborly, live lawfully and take a shower as often as possible. What would be wrong with living in a productive and clean community that is safe for our children to grow up in?

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LETTER: Mayor should offer constructive solutions

To the Editor:

Mayor Robert E. Macdonald’s recent antagonistic column “Enough is Enough” makes several unfair and harsh criticisms against Lewiston officials, specifically Sen. Margaret Craven. (“Hold officials accountable for TANF cost shift,” Twin City TIMES, May 31, 2012)

Also, the mayor presents families who rely on TANF in a hostile manner, referring to them as barbarians. TANF is designed as a temporary solution to a substantial problem for a family. During this challenging time of economic recovery, some Mainers may need temporary help to achieve economic stability.

I know that we can’t help it if hard times hit. I also know that Maine people help each other when the going gets tough. The mayor should not be demonizing people or a program that benefits many of his constituents—and our neighbors.

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LETTER: Eliminate the sales tax

To the Editor:

The governor wants to enforce the collection of the sales tax on Internet sales. It’s apparently unfair to require in-state businesses to collect sales taxes, while not requiring it from Internet sales.

As a skeptic, I am inclined to believe revenue—not fairness—is the prevailing motive. As Americans, we are culturally inclined to promote fairness, but it is difficult and not always possible.

It was unfair when our in-town stores were placed at a disadvantage by suburban shopping malls; traditional telephone companies have been disadvantaged by the introduction of cell phones.

It isn’t possible, nor is it the proper role of government, to protect businesses from the evolution of progress. Neither is it the role of government to unnecessarily hinder business, which it has done with the imposition of the sales tax.

What the governor is proposing is essentially an additional tax, as if we didn’t already have a sufficient number. Instead of taxing the Internet to help Maine businesses, let’s eliminate the sales tax to help Maine businesses.

Let’s level the taxation field and allow Maine businesses to compete fairly with New Hampshire.

Dick Sabine


Op/Ed: Legislature Adjourns after Enacting Historic Reforms

By Sen. Lois Snowe-Mello

The 125th Legislature has concluded its legislative business. The Senate will reconvene briefly in September to consider gubernatorial nominations, but I am pleased to report that we have accomplished a lot on your behalf in a short period of time.

I can’t begin to tell you what an honor it is to represent you in the Maine Senate and to have contributed to one of the most transformative legislatures in recent memory. I am grateful for the trust you have placed in me to work for the citizens of District 15, our region and the State of Maine.

When this Legislature first convened in January 2011, few believed that we could accomplish much beyond addressing a budget shortfall that was close to $1 billion. Even fewer thought that we could do so in a predominantly bipartisan way.

We conducted our work in extraordinarily difficult times, with a “can do” approach, knowing that people and families are struggling. We have sought to move Maine forward, do more with limited resources, and protect our most vulnerable citizens.

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The Grey Nuns: They Came-They Served

By Rachel Morin

“Elles Sont Venues-Elles Ont Servi

This sentiment was proclaimed on the attractive plaque over the Exhibit at the Franco-American Heritage Center honoring and recognizing the work of the Sisters of Charity, The Grey Nuns, of Sainte-Hyacinthe, Quebec.

They came to Lewiston 134 years ago at the invitation and request of the fledging French-Canadian community to teach their young. The immigrant population, many who could not speak English, realized if their children were to be educated, they needed to be taught in their mother tongue and English would come later. By doing so, it would ensure keeping their French language and their Faith alive.

It was an earlier time when Lewiston had no welfare and no social workers. Families took care of their own. The Grey Nuns came and were the backbone of the young community in the heart of “Little Canada.” They were impassioned, and they were the social workers of today.

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Enough is Enough: TANF in Vermont; Turnpike hikes; and the Zoom Bus

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

Before discussing this week’s topic, I have some great news, both for Lewiston property taxpayers and those whose goal in life is to relieve taxpayers of what little money we have left.

Apparently, the new roar reverberating throughout Lewiston neighborhoods, home to the underclass and societal victims, is: “Vermont, it’s happening there!”

Yes, Vermont, the Green Mountain State, apparently is providing unlimited green (money) in the form of “No time limit TANF.” After hearing this news, several distinguished members of the Lewiston-Auburn community have offered to rent buses in order to shuttle any and all lay-abouts to Vermont, thus fulfilling their community-service expectations for 2012.

So spread the word to our deadbeat population: take their pit bulls, tattoos and body piercings and head West to the verdant pastures of Vermont, spread their table and partake in the limitless benefits of the Green Mountain State.

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LETTER: Skin color and inappropriate behavior

To the Editor:

With tongue firmly planted in my cheek, I would like to applaud Lewiston Mayor Bob Macdonald for his keen eye, attention to detail and apparent sense of style.

While I did not attend Lewiston High School’s graduation, I had heard of some minor disruptions and some students (and parents) exhibiting inappropriate behavior.

However, it was not until Mayor Macdonald’s June 7 eloquently penned “Enough is Enough” piece in Twin City TIMES that I found out the perpetrators of this heinous act were “immigrants”, “ingrates”, “unproductive parents” and the poorly dressed, “who looked like they just got off work at the mill.”

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Lewiston Adult Ed celebrates 141 graduates

Hundreds of family, friends and community members gathered on June 5 to celebrate the 141 adults who earned a high school diploma or GED from Lewiston Adult Education.

The individuals, ranging in age from 17 to 82, juggled jobs, family and school as they put in the hundreds of hours of work required to complete high school credit or prepare for the GED exams.

Eva Giles, program director, spoke of the many of the graduates who sought out Lewiston Adult Education to complete their high school credential to enhance their qualifications for a job, go on to college or to serve as a role model for their children.

Two student speakers, Elaine Hamel and Melisa Hitaj, both spoke about the need to persevere when life’s difficulties get in the way of reaching your goals.

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Lewiston High School announces Science Fair winners

Five Lewiston High School sophomores whose projects were judged to be the best in this year’s Lewiston High School Science Fair were honored during the school’s annual Night of Excellence on May 29.

Taylor Roy’s experiment exploring the relationship between a person’s signature and their personality took first place.

During this year’s fair, some 200 LHS sophomores explored a wide variety of research interests. Mikaela St. Laurent, second place, wondered whether the distance between individual dominoes in a line would affect the acceleration rate at which the line falls, and Jared Dumas, third place, investigated how the placement of the vertical stabilizer on a model airplane would affect the aircraft’s flight.

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