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LETTER: Mayor should offer constructive solutions

To the Editor:

Mayor Robert E. Macdonald’s recent antagonistic column “Enough is Enough” makes several unfair and harsh criticisms against Lewiston officials, specifically Sen. Margaret Craven. (“Hold officials accountable for TANF cost shift,” Twin City TIMES, May 31, 2012)

Also, the mayor presents families who rely on TANF in a hostile manner, referring to them as barbarians. TANF is designed as a temporary solution to a substantial problem for a family. During this challenging time of economic recovery, some Mainers may need temporary help to achieve economic stability.

I know that we can’t help it if hard times hit. I also know that Maine people help each other when the going gets tough. The mayor should not be demonizing people or a program that benefits many of his constituents—and our neighbors.

Although Mayor Macdonald sings the praise of LD 1862, An Act to Limit Eligibility under the Municipal General Assistance Program, the proposed bill possessed many flaws that would only further the economic struggles of Maine’s neediest and most deserving families. These flaws also would have cost local taxpayers more money in property taxes.

Finally, the mayor never seems to express any sort of positive comments towards Lewiston and its representatives. While he continues to express unnecessary criticism, I can’t help but wonder what his solutions are. Has he ever reached out to other lawmakers and officials to better understand the rationale behind their votes?

It seems that before he offers up angry rants to the people of Lewiston, he should first meet with the other lawmakers in our region. Ultimately, the mayor’s continued criticism merely serves his own purposes, rather than constructively helping the people of Lewiston. If the mayor is going to be critical, he should at least back it up with constructive solutions.

His critical comments certainly undermine the work of the Chamber of Commerce and all economic efforts being considered in Lewiston, which also impacts Auburn and the surrounding area.

Richard Grandmaison



2 Responses to “LETTER: Mayor should offer constructive solutions”

  • Pierre:

    The problem mr. Grandmaison is that Lewiston has become a bastion of the havenots and the people who continue their reliance on the state and others to solve all of lifes problems for them. Unwed mother of 5? no problem, the state will pay for your food and housing and cable and phone and car repairs and anything else the state deems you cant survive without! Drug addict? the state will do the same for you! Alcoholic? Same for you! Immigrant from another country? No problem there either, will do all that and give your seniors social security too! Never mind that not one dime has been paid into social security by any of you! Yes i can see your point mr. Grandmaison, it is me, the Lewiston property owner who complains about absurd social programs and the people who perpetuate their existance, that is the bad guy! Forever demonized and accused of everything from rascist to senior and child hater. The truth is mr. Grandmaison is that Lewiston property owners are taxed out and are sick of being held hostage by local and state governments who continually think that the money pit of property taxation is endless! A person never really owns their home if the government can tax at any rate and can take your home for non payment. That my friend is socialism at its best! Whats mine is not mine but the collective communitys, deserving or not! You cannot sustain a city through property tax increases when 20,000 citizens out of 40,000 are on some kind of government assistance. Eventually the paying half will move away or revolt! I dont owe any one who is on assistance anything! Let alone risk losing my home because of state laws that take money from me and give it to someone else! No one has ever paid my bills for me and nor would i expect them to!

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