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“LegoLandia” event to benefit Pettingill Park


The Lego creations of 13-year-old twins Emma and John Auer will be on display at a LegoLandia event to benefit the new Pettingill School Park on December 30 and 31.

Thirteen-year-old twins Emma and John Auer have been Lego enthusiasts for as long as they can remember, so when they moved to Lewiston with their parents recently, they brought their Lego city creations – completely intact – with them. Now they are rallying their young friends to help raise money for the new Pettingill School Park by organizing Lewiston’s first “LegoLandia” on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 30 and 31, at Lewiston Public Library.

The event will feature a self-guided tour of their creations, including intricate cityscapes and vehicles, townhouses, medieval houses, haunted houses, lighthouses, a Hagrid’s hut, and their most recent design, a replica of Pettingill School Park. Those attending are invited to bring along their own creations. There will be a Lego building space for fun and play, tasty refreshments available for purchase and screenings of “The Lego Movie” and “Love of the Brick,” a documentary about adult fans of Lego.

In conjunction with the event, young Lego fans are encouraged to help raise donations for the park. A unique exhibit piece, a Lego-built Maine camp, will be awarded at the conclusion of the event to the child whose family and friends raise the most money over $100. Funds raised can be donated to the park by visiting the “GoFundMe” web site at Please indicate which young person receives credit for the donation.

John and Emma’s mother, Anne Auer, a new member of the Friends of Pettingill steering committee, is helping to direct the “LegoLandia” extravaganza. Any Friends of Pettingill who would like to volunteer may contact her at

Admission is by a suggested donation of $5 or more per person; additional donations are welcome. The event will take place each day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the third floor of the library in Callahan Hall. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

In the meantime, those planning to attend may wish to brush up on their Lego Lingo:

AFOL: Adult Fan of Lego. The most common term used to refer to Lego fans who are adults.

Brick-Built: A LEGO creation or portion of a larger creation that is composed of multiple Lego elements even when a larger, pre-fabricated Lego element or custom accessory may be available.

BURP: Big Ugly Rock Piece. A large, pre-fabricated Lego element generally available in gray and frequently included in Lego castle sets.

Dark Ages: That period in a Lego fan’s life when he or she sets aside Lego in favor of school, dating, motor vehicles and other non-Lego pursuits.

Draft: An activity common at Lego club meetings, in which Lego fans each bring a copy of a Lego set, sort out all of the Lego elements and take turns picking the parts they want.

KFOL: Kid Fan of Lego. The Lego Group’s primary target demographic.

MOC: My Own Creation. Any Lego creation designed and built by a Lego fan without instructions.

Purist: A Lego creation that does not include any customizations, such as decals, modified parts or custom accessories from third-party vendors.

SHIP: Significantly Huge Investment in Parts. A very large Lego creation – particularly a Lego space creation.

Swooshable: A quality that allows a Lego creation to be picked up and flown around a room as the builder makes flying noises.

TBB: The Brothers Brick. You are here.

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