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LETTER: Mayor Gilbert is a Catholic in name only

To the Editor:

Thank you, Larry Gilbert, for showing us your true personality: “Why would a local mayor support Gay Marriage?” (“Mayor’s Corner,” TCT, July 14, 2011).

Week after week Gilbert preaches tolerance and understanding for others’ beliefs in front of any media outlet that will give him face time in an attempt to raise his public stature. But, like every sanctimonious liberal, they occasionally let their guard down and expose their true nasty personality.

Gilbert’s trashing of our Catholic Church, its clergy and the Catholic faithful went well over the line of civility. When one calls themselves a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim, it means they adhere to fundamental beliefs set forth in their religion.

Our Catholic beliefs state that Pope Benedict is Christ’s representative on Earth. Therefore, as Catholics, we believe Benedict is infallible. Gilbert encourages the faithful to question this belief, stating there have been many corrupt popes. Is Gilbert stating that because Pope Benedict does not share Gilbert’s views on gay marriage, he is corrupt?

Going on, Gilbert states, “that the truth from the (Portland) Diocese can be very much suspect.” Translation: Bishop Malone and those working at the Chancery are liars! Gilbert fails, however, to put forth anything to support his claim.

Gilbert’s claim that “no one, not one religious person, including a priest from my Catholic faith, has yet to inform me that God would damn someone to Hell for living out the sexuality that was given to him or her at birth.” During the time leading up to the gay marriage initiative, priests at Prince of Peace Parish laid out the Catholic Church’s belief that this was sinful behavior. This belief also applies to heterosexual couples that cohabitate.

Therefore, if you die in a state of sin, you’re damned. Perhaps if Gilbert had spent time paying attention to the priest’s sermons instead of seeking personal recognition during those Masses, he might have heard what he claims what was not said.

His statement that “I have pledged to give generously” to a fundraising drive is crass and self-serving. It is nothing more than an attempt to raise his public stature. This is what’s known as giving for the wrong reasons.

Lastly, in prior columns Gilbert has referred to God using the term He/She. Our Catholic Church has never referred to God in that vein. Many of us wonder what religious group uses this verbiage. The mystery has been solved! It is how a break-away sect from our Roman Catholic Church, known as “My Catholic Church,” refers to God.

There are many religions in Maine. Instead of savaging the Catholic Clergy and its faithful, Gilbert should find a church comparative to his beliefs. Gilbert is now a Catholic in name only. For him to continue to attend services at Prince of Peace Parrish makes him nothing more than a hypocrite.

Robert Macdonald



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