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LETTER: Stop same-day voter registration

To the Editor:

I cannot understand why some in our state would object to changing same-day voter registration. My thoughts ran to the burden for our town clerks of checking the validity of names, addresses and eligibility requirements on the same day as the voting event.

Here are some other reasons from friends of mine:

1. Some say that there is no perceived problem with voter fraud today. Then at what fraud level should we react to stop it? One percent? Five percent? Shouldn’t we try to prevent fraud before it starts?

2. If same-day voter registration is so important, why don’t we insist on instant turnaround times on other things? Should the government provide a passport on the day of application so that an overseas trip can start today?

And finally,

3. “If a voter needs to register and can’t get his act together before voting day (and he has months to do it), then he isn’t organized enough in his life to be aware of the intricacies of the current voting issues and shouldn’t participate in that election.

Patricia Zebley


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