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Enough is Enough: As predicted, Ranked Choice Voting is found to be unconstitutional

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

Have you heard it? That crying sound that is blowing down from Augusta. It is the Democratic Party crying for what they felt was a surefire way to electoral victory—Ranked Choice Voting.

This would rid voters of that pesky plurality provision (prescribed by the Maine State Constitution), replacing it with a ballot containing the names of those running for each office in which the voter would pick their favorite candidate and then rank the others in the order of best to least.

If their choice did not receive a majority of the votes, the ranked-choice formula would kick in until someone obtained a majority. Those pushing this claim they would like to see a centrist candidate, also known as a fence sitter, elected.

Those supporting the bill had been advised from day one that this bill probably would be illegal under the Maine State Constitution. That did not matter. They pushed the ballot question forward anyway.

In the general election, Question 5 on the ballot (Ranked Choice Voting) passed 52% to 48%. In a non-binding decision, the law was found to be unconstitutional by those who interpret and stand guard over the Maine Constitution—the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

Now those on the Left are calling on the state Legislature to uphold the “will of the people”—not the law prescribed in Maine’s State Constitution. In these days of lawlessness, who will win out: the Constitution of the “will of the people?”

This week I received two postcards expressing dismay and anger toward my response and handling of another postcard I had received in the mail, which remarked about deportation by ICE of refugees. It is clear these people are in desperate need of a beginner’s remedial reading course. They need this course not only so they would be able to pronounce the words, but also to actually understand what they mean.

The face of one postcard stated, “Immigrants built our country.” This is a common mantra on the Left. They use it to evoke emotion against all that have the audacity to disagree with them. They are able to do this and get away with it because we no longer teach accurate history in our schools.

Yes, immigrants helped build this country through their hard work. In past decades, jobs required common laborers to do the mundane, backbreaking manual labor. These jobs could be performed without a proficiency in English. Today, English language skills are needed to perform even the simplest job.

There was very little, if any, public/municipal welfare doled out to these immigrants. Any assistance was provided by family members, the church or the national group of which they were a part.

The correspondence I received appears to be written by people who do not reside in Lewiston. Some sign their names but no address; others remain anonymous.

I have a simple request for those who feel that I am not compassionate. With your correspondence, please provide some documentation stating the amount you have paid in Lewiston property taxes, along with the amount you have directly contributed to a social group that was formed to make life easier for our non-citizens.

As Lewiston’s Legislative delegation to the State House is fond of pointing out, only 2.5% of the city budget is used towards General Assistance. So, they ask, why are we so uncompassionate?

I have a question for our legislators: If Maine residents wanted to decrease your salary and benefits by 2.5%, would you go along with it? How about reducing the number of those serving in Legislature by 2.5%?

Lastly, Lewiston taxpayers are sick of being denigrated because of our lack of enthusiasm for the political-correct leftists’ idea of “diversity.” Instead of picking on us, if you feel that “diversity” is very important, why aren’t you pushing for it in Falmouth, Scarborough, Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, Yarmouth and other towns in Southern Maine?

Now that would show intestinal fortitude on your part.

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