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Enough is Enough: Sports teams, coworkers and Somali candidates are all Lewstonians

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

While serving as mayor of Lewiston over the past six years there were two issues, always locked in my mind, that caused anxiety.

The first and foremost was the death of a city worker on the job, especially a death that was extremely violent or cause by unusual circumstance. How do you console a grieving family?  Just a few hours before, the family had probably said what would be the final goodbye to their loved one.

Then there are the coworkers of the deceased. A short time earlier, these coworkers had been yucking it up with the deceased, making plans for the end of their shift or possibly an upcoming weekend. Some may have been present and witnessed the death. What do you say to console them?

My other fear was a breakout of racial violence. I had experienced this while living in Boston during the 1970s. It tore our city apart. Self-proclaimed community leaders, community organizers and outside agitators from the suburbs blew into Boston by day, but come nightfall they fled back to the safety and comfort of their suburban homes—homes miles away from the scene of battle.

And who suffered? The City of Boston, black and white working people and terrified school children who boarded school buses daily driving through a gauntlet of hate. This hate was brought on by unelected community organizers who teamed up with liberal activist judges telling neighborhood residents they could no longer send their young children to the public school across the street. This was the result of some liberal feel-good policy that furthered their attempt to control societal behavior.

Last week I received a call from a reporter with the Lewiston Sun Journal. The reporter asked me to comment on the prospects of three American citizens of Somali descent living in Lewiston and seeking election to the Lewiston School Board. The reporter further asked what I felt the impact the boys’ state championship soccer team would have on both the Somali community and the rest of our community.

Having been burned by the Sun Journal on previous occasions, I took the prudent route. I did not return the call. I will, however, answer both questions.

What is the big deal?

Since becoming mayor, I have appointed one U.S. citizen of Somali descent to the Lewiston School Board. The other was duly elected. I also appointed an American citizen of Vietnamese descent to the same school board.

Again, I ask you, what’s the big story here?

As to the boys’ soccer team, those players invested a lot of time and sweat all year round to get the skills they needed to be the best. Also, they never ignored their studies.  But our state championship hockey team does the same.

If we want to see an even higher accomplishment, let’s look no further than the Lewiston regional championship girls’ cheering team. All these teams and terrific kids brought honor to our entire community.

Instead of breaking Lewiston into a bunch of micro groups, don’t you think we should look at these accomplishments and label them Lewistonian?

Finally, I am going to take the opportunity to thank former senator/state representative Peggy Rotundo for her continued presence each year at our November 11 Veterans Celebration at the Lewiston Armory.  It is refreshing to see a politician who actually walks the walk.

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