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Enough is Enough: Therapy dogs, coloring books and the emperor’s new clothes

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

When Castro seized Cuba, transforming a prosperous island nation into a poverty-stricken, communist anti-paradise, Alabama’s Democratic Governor George Wallace would remind the press that while the U.S. government failed to realize Castro was a communist, “every cab driver in Alabama knew.”

Well, the nation’s hard-working, middle class that politicians, the press and the self-proclaimed nobility of Hollywood randomly dismissed as a “basket of deplorables” rose up in record numbers and redirected our country onto a road of old-fashioned normalcy.

The “peace-loving” Left has been exposed. Like the story of the emperor’s new clothes, they now stand naked before us. Evidently, love and peace only applies when the population is in lockstep with their leftist beliefs. When President Obama was elected twice, people on the Right accepted the results. There were no protests or rioting. No damage amounting to millions of dollars was inflicted on small businesses, whose only fault was their owners’ trying to make a living for their families.

Those of us on the Right, no matter how distasteful we found the results of the last two presidential elections, accepted them. We did not make any attempts to change a document we hold very dear: the U.S. Constitution.

Compare this to former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. As I write, he is now attempting to change our Constitution by eliminating the Electoral College, giving progressives the chance to tinker with and fundamentally change a government structure that has sustained us and made us a country that all the world envies. This from a man who blatantly failed to do his constitutional duties of enforcing all U.S. laws, not the just the ones he liked.

A crying Hillary Clinton blames her loss on FBI Director James Comey, her staff and others, refusing to put the blame where it belongs: squarely on herself for disregarding rules expected to be followed by everyone else.

It’s time to go back to giving out trophies to winners, not just those who show up. This inculcated liberal policy is resulting in a surge of mental health issues for little Johnnies and Janes on our college campuses. They are unable to cope with being on the losing side, which has resulted in temper tantrums, noisy protests and riots. This has given an opportunity for rioters to supplement their income by looting area businesses.

These future (God forbid) leaders’ exposure to our current election has caused such trauma that classes and exams have been cancelled. The University of Kansas has made therapy dogs available to their stressed-out students. The University of Michigan has offered Play-Doh and coloring books to settle students down.

Cornell University held a “cry in,” handing out tissues and hot chocolate. Tufts University offered craft sessions. If my kid went to a $60,000-a-year school, I would be re-evaluating my financial options.

Emily Cain’s bid to defeat Second District U.S. Representative Bruce Poliquin met with the same margin of defeat as their last faceoff. After taking off the last two years to campaign, you would think she could come up with more substantive issues facing the district. Instead she campaigned on whether Poliquin supported Trump, her weight and her family from being away.

Finally, there is justice. Senator John Patrick, D-Rumford, lost his election and now goes from the public sector back to manual labor in the dreaded private sector. In the eleventh hour prior to last week’s election, Patrick and trust-funder Democratic Senator Justin Alfond brought charges of corruption against Republican Senators Ron Collins and Andre Cushing. Collins was acquitted; Cushing’s complaint is still being reviewed. Oh yes, both won re-election.

Lastly, this column mourns the passing of Gene Tardiff. Gene was a local political icon, activist and a great friend to those who knew him. Over the last several decades, many who have occupied Lewiston’s Mayor’s Office, held legislative seats in Augusta, the Lewiston City Council and the School Committee owed a large part of their success to Gene.

Gene was my campaign manager. But most of all, he was a loyal friend.

This past Election Day, I know Gene took time out from his Heavenly duties, looked down and was pleased at the election results. He then resumed organizing Catholic souls for Al Smith’s next run for office.

Gino, rest in peace.

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