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LTE: Merger would create “bitterness and divison”

To the Editor:

It is clear the group calling itself “One LA” is spending an enormous amount of money to promote the merger of Lewiston and Auburn. I am curious where all of this money is coming from and what its true agenda is.

This has become a very divisive issue. A city charter is the local government equivalent of a constitution. To amend the federal constitution, a supermajority of two-thirds of the states is required. And yet, One LA is intent on pursuing its agenda of terminating two great cities, even if it means prevailing by a single vote in each city. This would mean, of course, that nearly half of the population would be dragged, unwillingly, into a brand-new municipality that none of them wanted to be a part of.

The One LA group, with all of its big money, is trying to shove their pet project down our throats. If they are successful, this will cause an enormous amount of bitterness and division among the residents of both cities. Some residents have even gone so far as to say they will move out of their city if this merger goes through.

It will also create gross unfairness. A major revaluation will be required, causing many more to pay high taxes. The valuation numbers that the Joint Charter Commission is quoting in their report are almost 50% higher than the actual valuation numbers. They are using the numbers from an old census, and they have been determined to be incorrect numbers. This is skewing their facts and leading the public astray.

Vote “No” in November, and beat back the bullying, big-spending tactics of One LA.

Leroy G. Walker, Sr.

Ward 5 City Councilor


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