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“Oh Lewiston” video debuts at city council meeting

 LEWISTON, ME – A song that has stood the test of time, “Oh Lewiston,” composed by Emmy-nominated, renowned music producer Con Fullam, debuted in video form at the Tue., May 21, City Council meeting.

 “I wrote ‘Oh Lewiston’ some twenty plus years ago at the request of Lew Colby, then General Manager of WCSH-TV, for a promotional campaign he was creating to celebrate the City of Lewiston. It was not a difficult assignment for me as I had grown up in Waterville which was and still is pretty much a twin. I had not thought about the song in years until the tragedy of October 25 took place. At that time, the song came back to me, and I felt that its positive message could lift spirits badly in need.” 

“The lyrics in ‘Oh Lewiston’ still hold true today and shine a light on city’s heritage, perseverance, and unwavering can-do spirit,” said Mayor Carl Sheline. “We were first introduced to the song when pursuing the All-America City designation and were pleased to be reminded of it when Mr. Fullam reached out.” 

“I approached the City about producing a new version of the song featuring the voices of many of Maine’s best known artists including Denny Breau, Brooke LaChance, Eddie Boucher, and Efra Bacerra. Both the City and the artists were excited by the idea, and so we went into the studio and recorded this new version. All of us involved in the making of this music video are deeply honored to be a part of it,” said Fullam.

 “For 28 music professionals from throughout the State of Maine to collaborate without hesitation and at no cost to the City is simply extraordinary,” said Mayor Sheline. “Mr. Fullam said this would be a gift to the City of Lewiston, and it is indeed a real gem. We were also pleased that he gave us the opportunity to submit visuals about our hometown.”

 The new musical format was recorded at The Recording Club at The Studio, Portland, Maine, and at Efra Bacerra Studio, Lewiston. Audio producers for the project are Con Fullam, Steve Drown, and Efra Bacerra. Piano is provided by Roy Clark and violin input by Andy Happell and Erica Brown. Sound mix and mastering is provided by Steve Drown with videographers Reg Groff and Joe Coolbrith. Reg Groff also served as Editor. 

Performers in the video are leads Denny Breau and Brook LaChance, Scott Elliot, Pat Colwell, Sierra Harris, Dan Merrill, Barney Martin, Don Campbell, Firefly, Katie Daggett, Cali Rossen, Ed Boucher, Amina Mahamat, Joan Kennedy, Yvette Faulkner, Anni Clark, Clara Bongamo, Jeanne Martin, Efra Bacerra, Eli Bacerra-Grieve, and Kaylee Kazadi. 

Fullam also extends appreciation to numerous others who provided guest appearances, visuals, video, and/or creative input: Sen. Susan Collins, Sen. Angus King, Rep. Chellie Pingree, Rep. Jared Golden and family, Gov. Janet Mills, Humorist Tim Sample, Actor Patrick Dempsey, the City of Lewiston, Lewiston Communications Coordinator Dottie Perham-Whittier, Lewiston Highway Operations Manager Reggie Poussard, The Dempsey Center, Richard Plourde Photography, Ryan Ordway, Thom Dickenson, David Hembre, Maine Memory Network, The Androscoggin Historical Society, Lewiston Sun Journal, Mayor Carl L. Sheline, and former Mayor Laurent F. Gilbert, Sr.

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