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Teams test local knowledge at LYAC’s “What Do You Know About Lewiston?”

A team works on their answer.

Four teams and numerous onlookers gathered in the Council Chambers at Lewiston City Hall recently to test their knowledge about their home city, past and present. “What Do You Know About Lewiston?” was organized by the Lewiston Youth Advisory Council to help debunk old stereotypes and misconceptions the group feels don’t reflect the “New Lewiston.

LYAC members led the teams through several group activities, including Trivia Questions, Categories, Hat Talk, and Surprise Pick. Topics included Lewiston businesses, the arts, parks, restaurants, history, schools, and colleges. The teams displayed their answers by paddle, with answers known to some in attendance and a learning experience for others.

The groups were also asked to plan an “Evening Out in Lewiston,” which the council referred to as a “date night.” The evening ended with “Open Mic,” when anyone attending was invited to answer the question: “If someone said to you, ‘Lewiston has a high crime rate, is run down, and there’s nothing to do there,’ how would you respond?”

“I have loved this city from the time I came,” said Penny Goodwin, in a response that echoed many others. “My husband lived here, and this is where we chose to live after we were married. To see the things that have gone on to make it better through the years has really been wonderful. I just applaud every step that has gone to lower the crime rate, the police department, the medical community, the youth groups that have done so much, the immigrants who have come and made us better and stronger. There is no end to what could be said about how well we have done and how much we have to be proud of. As far as I’m concerned, it was always a nice place to come to.”

Prizes for the evening were donated by Ben’s Burrito’s, Mother India, Boba, the Chickadee, Jade Garden, the Italian Bakery, Sea 40, EllieAnna Gift Shop, the Public Theatre, Baraka Store, the Calvary United Methodist Church Bean Supper. The grand prize was an evening for two at the Inn at the Agora. The LYAC asked prize winners, when utilizing their gift certificates, to take photos they could post on their Facebook page in a montage of what Lewiston has to offer.

Also during the evening, LYAC Chair Emma Williams presented Lewiston resident Jeanne Raymond with an LYAC shirt for her support of the group since 2001.

The Lewiston Youth Advisory Council was established by the Lewiston City Council in 2001 and is funded annually by the Lewiston Firefighters Association. The 2017-18 members are Emma Williams (chair), Hunter Steele (vice chair), Isho Mohamed (treasurer), Carolyn Adams (secretary), Hunter Landry, Emma Wolverton, Gabrielle Wilson, and Amino Aden. Their advisor is Community Relations Coordinator Dottie Perham-Whittier and their City Council Liaison is Councilor Isobel Golden. For more information about the LYAC, see

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