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Archive for September 2011

YPLAA and Chamber to sponsor candidates’ forum

On Wednesday, October 12, the Young Professionals of the Lewiston-Auburn Area (YPLAA) and the Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce will sponsor the Fourth Annual Candid Candidates, a chance for the public to a meet and hear directly from the candidates vying for local city council and mayoral seats.

“How important is your city to you? Would you like to learn more about the issues affecting local government in Lewiston and Auburn and have your opinions heard?” said Kelly Jaeger, YPLAA Betterment Co-Chair.

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Final “Art Walk” of the season is Friday

On Friday, September 30, “Art Walk Lewiston Auburn” will transform the downtown areas of Lewiston and Auburn into art districts for the evening for the final time this season.

Over the course of the summer, Art Walk Lewiston Auburn has drawn over 1,000 art enthusiasts from the L-A community and beyond to the downtown area, showcasing over 75 local artists. This final event this year promises to be the largest, with “The Vault” and Captive Elements Art House and L/A Magazine hosting their grand-opening events on Lisbon Street during the Art Walk.

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Fall Foliage Paddle in Downtown L-A is Sunday

As the colors of fall settle into Maine, there may not be a more unique place to take in the view of the changing foliage than Downtown Lewiston-Auburn, where the trees create a colorful line for the backdrop of historic mills and canals.

In partnership with the Bates College Outing Club, the Androscoggin Land Trust (ALT) is announcing a paddle on Sunday, October 2, taking off from the river access behind Festival Plaza in Auburn. The event takes place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Paddlers should unload boats and park on Main Street or in the Mechanics Row parking lot.

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LePage: Effective teachers create student success

This is the weekly radio address delivered on Saturday by Governor Paul LePage.

This last week I had the honor of congratulating Alana Margeson, a teacher at Caribou High School, on being named the 2012 Maine Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Margeson brings enthusiasm, energy and a natural positive outlook to her classroom.

She engages her students in debate, inquiry, research and discussion. She encourages taking risks and thinking “outside the comfort zone.” In short, she is helping her students succeed academically and in preparing for their futures.

The research is clear: more than class size or choice of textbooks or curriculum, having an effective teacher has the most profound effect on student success. If we are to do only one thing to improve our schools, it must be to ensure that every student in Maine has an Alana Margeson at the front of the classroom.

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LETTER: The values of Christianity

To the Editor:

As I was reading this week’s Twin City TIMES, I was struck by the difference in tone between the Rev. Douglas Taylor’s Letter to the Editor and Larry Gilbert’s  “Mayor’s Corner.”

Taylor’s letter (“Fighting for our way of life,” TCT, Sept. 22, 2011, p. 3) has an undertone of hostility toward Muslims in general and speaks of waging war with them without bothering to mention that the overwhelming majority of Muslims have no quarrel at all with, let alone a hatred of, the United States. His implication seems to be the opposite.

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LETTER: Some bogus Glenn Beck diatribe

To the Editor:

I will keep this letter short. What really frustrates the Rev. Doug Taylor? His mangled Letter to the Editor sounds like a less-slick version of some bogus Glenn Beck diatribe (“Fighting for our way of life,” TCT, Sept. 22, 2011, p. 3).

But my guess is that as an evangelical minister whose mission is to spread the gospel, he is frustrated his neighborhood and audience rapidly changed from would-be Christians, or those very receptive to the Gospels, to a neighborhood that is entrenched in a religion different from his. Maybe that’s the source of his frustration and why his letter makes no sense.

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LETTER: Stop same-day voter registration

To the Editor:

I cannot understand why some in our state would object to changing same-day voter registration. My thoughts ran to the burden for our town clerks of checking the validity of names, addresses and eligibility requirements on the same day as the voting event.

Here are some other reasons from friends of mine:

1. Some say that there is no perceived problem with voter fraud today. Then at what fraud level should we react to stop it? One percent? Five percent? Shouldn’t we try to prevent fraud before it starts?

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Mayor’s Corner: Why must we kill people to show that killing people is wrong?

By Laurent F. Gilbert Sr.

Mayor of Lewiston

I ask you to simply take a moment to reflect on the headline to this column. My question to you is, as a society that has the death penalty, what makes us different than those we execute even if they are guilty? Where do we get the right to take life any more than they?

Are you pro-life? Then why are you for the death penalty? Didn’t you say you were pro-life and you believe that God gives life and only God can take life? If that is the case, then how can you (meaning all of us) take life? Isn’t there an inconsistency here?

Oh, I heard a good justification from a right-wing radio station the other day that the answer is a simple one. Being pro-life is supporting an innocent child, while being supportive of the death penalty is because the perpetrator of a crime is not innocent but guilty. Really? Read the rest of this entry »

Auburn Art Wall to be unveiled Saturday

The City of Auburn’s Auburn Art Wall Project will be unveiled at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 24, with artists individually revealing and speaking on behalf of their own panel(s) of artwork.

Following the unveiling, there will be a celebration in Festival Plaza in Downtown Auburn. The celebration will feature music by Down East Brass and refreshments.

In May of 2011, the City of Auburn and L/A Arts made a call to artists statewide to submit their original work of the “Natural World” to potentially be displayed on the 700-foot wall, located on Main Street in Auburn. Of 38 submissions, eight artists were selected to have their work digitally reproduced on 14 different panels attached to the masonry wall adjacent to the sidewalk.

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Lewiston Farmers Market growing, thriving, making healthy food affordable

The Lewiston Farmers Market has grown by leaps and bounds this summer and is still going strong. In fact, September is the most bountiful time of the year for the market.

With summer vegetables still in full swing, and the addition of apples, melons and winter crops coming to market, shoppers now have the largest variety of produce available to them.

Over the past few years, more and more people have realized the health benefits of eating fresh, local, organically grown food, but many families have struggled to balance their desire to eat healthy with the cost of organic food. Customers at the farmers market have been pleasantly surprised to find that prices at the market often beat local grocery store prices.

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