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CMMC physician receives national honor

Bruce E. Condit, M.D.

Bruce E. Condit, M.D. 

Bruce E. Condit, M.D., medical director of palliative care and an attending physician at Central Maine Medical Center is one of just five recipients of the 2015 Hastings Center Cunniff-Dixon Physician Awards. Condit has been recognized nationally for his work on behalf of those with serious illnesses in rural Maine.

The awards are cosponsored by The Hastings Center, a bioethics research institute that has done groundbreaking work on end-of-life decision-making, and the Cunniff-Dixon Foundation, which strives to enrich the doctor-patient relationship near the end of life. Duke University Divinity School’s Program in Medicine, Theology, and Culture oversees the selection process.

The awards were made in three categories: a senior award, a mid-career award and three early-career awards. An award recipient must demonstrate exemplary performance in one or more of four areas: medical practice, teaching, researchand community.

The selection committee recommended Condit for the Mid-Career Physician Award for “creating something from nothing” by establishing the first palliative care program in the region. Under his leadership, the program has grown from one full-time clinician to an interdisciplinary team that sees 678 patients a year. Condit also serves as a medical director at Androscoggin Home Care and Hospice, an outpatient hospice team headquartered in Lewiston with a care facility in Auburn.

Jacqueline P. Fournier, a certified palliative care nurse practitioner who nominated Condit for the award, said his “small town Maine roots laid the groundwork for the practitioner/healer he would become.” She continued, “He exudes competence in an inviting way and he listens, inspiring others. Bruce leads by encouragement and example.”

During his residency at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Condit learned about the importance of palliative care after he discovered that one of his clinic patients had died at home with hospice services. His interest in palliative care was sparked further when he met a physician ethicist who exemplified the ways that many clinicians practiced palliative care without a specific designation, and yet with great care and compassion. Condit returned to his home state of Maine as the first hospitalist at CMMC. He established the first palliative care program in the region.

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