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LETTER: “Fighting for our way of life”

Letter to the Editor:

Remember, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck . . . Yet our major news outlets have taken cover with the pre-9/10 mentality of saying, “Duck? What duck?”

Political correctness permeates the workplaces, the media, government and, sadly, many churches. It is going to be the end of us as a nation if we don’t wake up and start making changes fast.

It’s more important to be correct than politically correct. The Bible indicates that if a nation has been given much light from God and then rejects that light, God will give them a mind that cannot even comprehend what is in its best interest.

Our country seems to be there now, doing things that just don’t make sense. However, the Bible does warn us that in the last days, things will become confusing and that nations who once were blessed of God will do things that are counterproductive, even to the point of facing their own destruction.

Since 9/11 we have learned a new vocabulary. Among the new words we have become familiar with are: Islam, Mohammad, Allah, jihad, Taliban and al Qaeda. Previous to 9/11, these were irrelevant words used by missionaries or foreigners. We didn’t know these words, nor did we care. That is a luxury that we can no longer afford.

Whether we realize it or not, America is at war. How severe will this war be, how long will it last, how many lives will it cost, what form will it take? These are questions that no one can answer. But make no mistake about it: we are fighting for our way of life—we are fighting for survival.

We are fighting against people who are willing to kill us any way they can. We are not playing on a level playing field, as was proven in the Gulf War. We are not allowed to give out Bibles in their lands, even to our own troops, yet they are allowed to build mosques in our country.

America must wake up and recognize a duck when we see one!

Rev. Douglas Taylor

The Jesus Party Pentecostal Kid’s Church


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