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LETTER: 250 days to register to vote

To the Editor:

The Legislature passed a law that stated registration for voting on Election Day and the day before will not be allowed. The opponents of this law are proclaiming that thousands of voters will have their right to vote removed because of the legislature’s action. What happened to the other 250 days of the year that are available for voter registration?

If there was ever an opportunity for voter fraud to occur, it would be when the town election clerks are distracted by the management of the voting process and cannot thoroughly check the eligibility data of a potential voter.

Voting is a privilege, a right and a responsibility. How many of us who are seriously concerned and informed about the issues will wait until the day of election to register to vote? Only a group of transients, uninformed or forgetful people register on Election Day. I don’t want these people determining the result of an election. They usually vote the way suggested by those who brought them to the polls, instead of personally clearly defining the issues for themselves.

I would prefer an election result be reflective of the true desire of the resident voters, rather than from a last-minute mob of manipulated voters.

We need to continue the current law and vote against overturning it.

Thomas F. Shields, M.D.


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