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LETTER: Get the job done or step aside

To the Editor:

Let’s be realistic. I hope our local girls, Senator Craven and Rep. Rotundo, are finished patting themselves on their backs over the new state budget. (“Dems: Lewiston jobs, health care preserved in new budget,” TCT, page 1, March 1, 2012)

It’s just more Band-Aids instead of long-term solutions to Maine’s budgetary problems. They still do not understand that there are not enough worker-bees left to take care of the ever-increasing crowd of drones. Governor LePage was brave enough to face the state’s problems, but our representatives were more interested in getting pats on their heads and credits for their party!

Being a Democrat or a Republican should not matter any more. Getting the job done should take priority over all the bi-partison bickering. U.S. Senator Olympia Snow finally had enough in Washington, realizing that the system is so broken that you cannot get anything accomplished. The hard-working people of Maine deserve better than this.

The state needs to face all of its obstacles and start working toward permanent solutions. Temporary fixes just compound until major breakdowns start occurring, like we have in Washington. Maine needs to face these problems now, before it’s too late!

We need people in Augusta who are willing to take on the task. Unless our state representatives have solutions, they should quietly sit in their little chairs in Augusta and let the people who have done their homework move ahead to help this great State of Maine.

Better yet, maybe they should step down and let some real problem-solvers have their seats.

Steven Goulet


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