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Enough is Enough: Ballot questions seek to turn Maine into liberal “paradise”

It appears that the Missouri Compromise of 1820 granting statehood to Maine may soon be nullified. As I write, there are sinister activities going on behind the scene designed to assure the reunification of Maine and Massachusetts.

For many years Maine, whose slogan is “The Way Life Used to Be,” has served as a welcoming destination for the Massachusetts working-class exodus, escaping the tyranny of Moon Bat liberalism.

Now Maine’s life is being threatened by unvetted northeast Progressive interlopers who want to turn Maine into a Moon Bat paradise, where every aspect of our lives will be controlled by their superior thinking. You don’t believe me? Let’s look at the upcoming ballot questions.

Does anyone think that Question 1, the proposed legalization of marijuana, is anything more than weak-kneed opportunistic politicians trying to garner the current and future votes of millennials? It gets especially sickening when former cops are pushing it because “police have better things to do” than bust people for marijuana.

This is not the pot your grandparents smoked. It’s much more powerful. The passage of this bill will certainly get those cops out on the streets handling: 1. Property, injury and fatal car accidents caused by those under the influence; 2. An increase in abuse of yet another drug; 3. Edible pot, like cookies, candies and soda being accidentally ingested by young children and pets due to irresponsible parenting.

Then there is Question 2—punishing success with an additional 3% income tax (supposedly to pay for education) on successful Maine households. This question is being heavily supported and funded by the National Teachers Association. Translation: it’s doubtful you’ll see any money for your kid.

Governor LePage has often spoken of a plan to create a statewide teachers contract, in which all teachers would be paid on the same salary scale. This state takeover of teachers’ salaries would drastically lower local property taxes. The only expense borne by cities and towns would be the cost of maintaining your local school administrator and staff.

President Obama, through ObamaCare, has just about destroyed our once-superior healthcare system. If our doctors leave to avoid this confiscatory 10.15% income tax, where will we get our healthcare?

Moving on, we have Question 3—background checks for firearms transfers—a law looking for a crime. Led by the elite progressive former mayor of New York City, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, a.k.a. “Granny,” Moon Bat liberals have again laid out a plan hoping to bring social change. Apparently, Maine is too safe for them.

So let’s increase the crime rate with a law that will make criminals out of law-abiding citizens. It’s time to send this wealthy, out-of-state group packing.

Lastly, there is Question 5, which is nothing more than an attempt by progressives to rig elections to ensure conservatives will never be elected. In Maine, the Constitution states that a person receiving the plurality of votes cast wins. Attorney General Janet Mills has stated this change under Question 5 would be unconstitutional.

On Election Day, remember: keep our elections simple.

When Moses received the commandments from God and presented them to the Israelites, were they accepted as written or did the Israelites discuss the commandments and decide which were acceptable and which were not?

Today, those of us who accept traditional religious beliefs by standing firmly behind them are ridiculed, marginalized and bullied by those who continually preach tolerance—as long as it conforms to their beliefs.

Last week emails surfaced that showed leftist progressive hacks degrading our Catholic faith, setting forth a plan to destroy its foundation and rebuild it to reflect their extreme progressive beliefs.

With the exception of Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York City, why aren’t Catholic leaders condemning these remarks and characterizations? It is time for our religious leaders to stop playing the part of St. Peter during Jesus’ trial before the Sanhedrin and start imitating St. Peter’s final return to Rome.

Religious leadership is more than a title, a sermon on Sunday and weekly collection.

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