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LTE: L-A doesn’t have to merge to work together

To the Editor:

When it comes to combining the two cities, I can’t help but think of all the addresses that will change—all of them! At the very least, everyone will have to change the name of his/her city.

Now, think of all the streets with duplicate names in both cities: Main, Pine, Elm, Ash, Pleasant, Russell, etc. Either those will have to change, or East, West, North or South must be added. I pity cab drivers who will have to find these new addresses!

What about GPS usage? 911 response times? Local mapping and business advertising will be incorrect. The costs just keep multiplying for taxpayers.

Two people in support of the joint charter commission’s consultant’s claims that they will save between $2.3 and $4.2 million a year have never participated in a municipal budget. They stated in a newspaper article published on April 7 they felt the consultant’s estimates were right “on target.” How would they even know that?

The joint charter commission is trying to make us believe that we have to merge in order to work together. We already work together. We can continue to do that and more. We want to work collaboratively with Lewiston. We don’t want to become one city. It won’t give us more clout in Augusta, despite what they want you to believe.

Vote responsibly in November.

Jan Biron


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