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LTE: Will merger result in more power in Augusta?

To the Editor:

If I were a legislator from either Lewiston or Auburn, I’d feel more than a little insulted by the pro-merger crowd, claiming that one of the benefits of merging would be to generate more power and influence in Augusta.

Currently, our legislators dress up in their finery and head to Augusta with all of the best intentions to bring home the bacon, our “fair share.” How is a merger going to make their jobs any easier? How are they going to be more effective?

It seems as though the pro-merger types are reaching too deep for reasons to merge. Whatever the separate cities of Lewiston and Auburn have for reps and senators won’t change after the merger.

One of our legislators actually stated at a recent meeting that if we merge, we will not have any more voting power than we have now. The “more power and influence” benefit is as fake as the promised cost savings we are continually subjected to at every press event. Do people actually believe this baloney?

Research the facts. The answers are there. Ask questions to the people who can actually answer them. Don’t let anyone lead you to believe something without finding out if it is true! Talk to Bruce Bickford, Eric Brakey, Nate Libby and your other state representatives.

Leroy G. Walker, Sr.


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