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This week’s edition!

Music on a summer day!

Out and About

By Rachel Morin

Jeff and Donna Wells of Farmington, well known musicians in Maine and Florida, entertained the residents of Schooner Estates Retirement Community in Auburn on one of the prettiest July days of summer in the Courtyard.

After days of rain, the sunny day was so welcomed and appreciated.

The audience was with Jeff and Donna right from the first number they played, singing along and tapping their feet – “Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue, Has Anybody Seen my Gal?” Well, you should have heard the crowd, and seen them, singing away, swaying to and fro, and having a grand old time.

Donna and Jeff Wells of Farmington are well known in the music world in Maine and Florida, playing in retirement homes, nursing homes, rv parks, class reunions, private parties, restaurants, wherever live music is appreciated. Their repertoire features New and Old Country, Oldies and Doo Wop. (Rachel Morin photo)

The husband and wife team has played many years together, Jeff on guitar and Donna on keyboard, and both on vocals, featuring New and Old Country, Oldies and Doo Wop.

Jeff and Donna had an instant rapport with the audience with residents joining in, singing along with them.

Jeff had a folksy style, announcing the songs, adding a little history on each song, who wrote it, who sang it and other interesting details. The audience enjoyed his joking banter with his wife, and learned they had been married 52 years! Jeff had acquired a lot of material over the years, and Donna was enjoying it as well.

Romeo Labbe, Sue O’Sullivan and Art Turner are longtime fans of guitar and keyboard with great vocals on new and old country music, the oldies, especially; and sang right along with the Wells. (Rachel Morin photo)

Many songs followed, all with the same audience enthusiasm. I am sure the readers will know these songs as well and even hear the tunes as they read the titles. Included in the large number of songs were Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby, Rockin’ Robin, Blue Suede Shoes, Lipstick on your Collar, Country Roads, Fields Back Home, Elvira, Sixteen Tons and Battle of New Orleans.

Hound Dog was the finale.

Gerry and Claudette Martel found the perfect spot for a clear view of Jeff and Donna Wells on the stage. (Rachel Morin photo)

The Wells have been traveling throughout Maine and back and forth to Florida for many decades and have created a large following in both states. They are in demand and have played in senior living communities, nursing homes, private parties, restaurants, class year and family reunions, parks or wherever live music is appreciated. It is a lifestyle they both enjoy and have no plans to retire.

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