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This week’s edition!

Thanking essential workers in our community

Walgreens, 430 Sabattus Street, Lewiston.

By Kayt Myers

I don’t know about you, but I have been trying to think of ways to practice shelter in place and social distancing but also taking the time and effort to thank those essential workers in our community. It’s not easy but I think it’s an effort worthwhile. 

Here are some ideas:

Send cards, letters, or posters to essential community organizations and stores which they can post in the break rooms for employees to see.

Post a thank you message to social media and tag your favorite local stores and services that remain serving the community.

Know of an essential worker in your neighborhood? Post a yard sign personally thanking them. They will see it when they drive by to work and feel appreciated.

If you have a friend or family member that is an essential worker, call them up or video chat. Be sure to tell them how much you appreciate their efforts.

I know when I think about the essential workers in our communities, I want to find as many ways as I can to say thank you. Macaroni Kid National recently partnered with Walgreens to do just that. Walgreens knows just how hard their employees are working and what better way to recognize their efforts than to call on Macaroni Kid’s local publisher moms? 

We were thrilled to help! Walgreens has locations throughout our communities!

My Walgreens is located on Sabattus Street in Lewiston. I’ve been so grateful that they have not only stayed open to serve the community, but always have the friendliest associates and knowledgeable pharmacy staff. Walgreens is well stocked with the essentials my family needs and offers an easy way to pick up prescription meds.

A huge shout out to the Walgreens team—from the warehouse personnel for making sure stores are stocked—to the cashiers and store associates who are there to help—to the pharmacists for making prescription pick up easy and accessible—my whole family thanks you. 

While I really want to give each and every essential worker a big hug, I know I cannot do that right now. Instead, our family will be sending these hugs by mail today to our friends at Walgreens in Lewiston and Auburn—with our many, heartfelt thanks.

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