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Two 14-year olds create online tutoring platform

From Tutorly-Ed

RANDOLPH TOWNSHIP, NJ – Launched in July 2020 by students from Randolph, NJ, Tutorly Ed is a free online tutoring platform for students.

This program is intended to nurture students’ curiosity, guide them towards their passions, and inspire success.

Kae and Ky Park, co-CEOs of Tutorly Ed, said they work with high school volunteers who are highly accomplished in both core and enrichment subjects as well as volunteering within their community. We have an inclusive culture and strive to create an environment where students can practice life skills such as collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

With Tutorly Ed, the prospective students or their parents can use our platform to self-select their tutor based on their profiles, email the tutor for more information, and schedule a tutoring session right on our website. Our core subjects include math, science, history, ELA/literature, social studies/history and foreign language. For enrichment subjects, we offer computer science, robotics, beauty & style, culinary arts/cooking, finance and international business, healthcare, law & public safety, music and instruments, and visual & performing arts.

Due to Covid-19, they realized that the need for online learning has skyrocketed, but not everyone can afford it. Considering this, we decided to make Tutorly Ed free of charge. Since Tutorly Ed was created by 14-year-old high school students, we can better understand the students’ needs and relate better with our clients. Our program is the perfect way to fuel these technological accelerations, rising need for extra support educationally, and ease the harsh transition to a whole new lifestyle.

“We created Tutorly Ed because the Covid-19 pandemic opened our eyes to the great amount of unemployment and struggles newly introduced. It has altered lifestyles, put families in isolation both financially and physically, and essentially has changed everything that used to be familiar to us. However, we decided to embrace this and turn this challenge into a new opportunity. Tutorly Ed is free, and 100% virtual, so it is affordable, accessible year-round regardless of location, and provides service to those in need from the comfort of their homes, helping society beat this pandemic one step at a time,” says Ky, the co-CEO of Tutorly Ed.

Being in quarantine for over a year now, has had a harsh impact upon both students and parents. Schools are beginning to try and return to normal, developing a gap between those that are learning in classrooms in-person vs. those learning in virtual settings. It has become extremely difficult for many students to maintain focus and motivation to retain the information presented to them in class. However, our team of highly accomplished high school tutors can help ease this gap and support all students, whether they are learning virtually or in-person, to reach academic success. As for parents, Covid-19 has newly introduced financial issues within millions of families, further affecting the support they are able to receive, particularly with education and tutoring. This is precisely why our program is free. We are able to give back to the community and help those who are struggling during these times, both students and parents.

From our launch six months ago to now, we have accumulated an international team of 40+ highly qualified high school tutors. We have received recognition and awards from various organizations and online communities, and even partnered with them to augment the impact upon students and those in need. Along with this, we have received an overwhelming amount of support from numerous loyal customers from all around the world, held hundreds of lessons with students of all ages, and have built a community of acceptance, diversity, and opportunity.

“This platform started out as a vision, a mere idea that we had as young students struggling in the midst of a pandemic. Come 6 months later, we have been able to meet so many new people and help them through our service. Whether it’s a 30-minute lesson, a simple email from a client, or a message from a student looking to give back, it is the most gratifying feeling knowing what you are doing is helping someone and making a difference in their life, even in the smallest way. It is truly surreal,” says Kae, co-CEO of Tutorly Ed.

Tutorly Ed is a free, online tutoring platform for students, created by students that offers help in both core academic and enrichment subjects. Through one-on-one or group student sessions, we empower and inspire success, guiding students toward their passions and dreams every step of the way.

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