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A banjo player extraordinaire

Out and About

By Rachel Morin

AUBURN – Peter Mezoian of South Portland, Maine, banjo player extraordinaire, was coming to Schooner Estates in Auburn!

He was going to present a live banjo concert in The Courtyard.

We waited for weeks for the good weather to arrive . . .

Dedicated fans from his many banjo concerts over the years waited impatiently for that day. And the perfect day finally arrived on June 24.

Chairs filled quickly as Peter arrived early, setting up his equipment in the Schooner Courtyard.

Peter Mezoian of South Portland presented his Banjo Concert in the Courtyard at Schooner Estates Senior Living Community to a very appreciative audience. Among them were his long-time followers from previous appearances. (Rachel Morin photo)

The assembled audience exchanged tidbits of information they knew about Peter’s life and how he arrived at the greatness he had achieved in the banjo-playing musicians’ fame. They talked of how he also played for many cruise lines as well as the many concerts across the country.

Peter’s life and musical history may be found online, providing almost year-by-year progress of how he learned to play the banjo, and the many musicians he met along the way who became important mentors to him.

Anita Taylor and Arlene Cornelio never miss a performance when Peter Mezoian appears with his banjo. (Rachel Morin photo)

Peter is modest about his fame and the stature he has achieved. He gives all the credit to the wonderful and talented musicians he has met during his journey through life, as well as to the music teachers who taught him from childhood up through his adult years.

Peter had a great rapport with the audience, announcing the different musical styles, playing them and naming who wrote the songs – all so very interesting!

This early courtyard audience filled the seats immediately as Peter Mezoian was setting up his equipment for the afternoon Banjo Concert. (Rachel Morin photo)

You may hear his musical expertise by going to for an edited video on the home page. He can play any and all kinds of music. He is not your typical banjo player!

At the concert’s end, Schooner Estates residents gathered to exchange greetings and beg Peter to return for more concerts with them.

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