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Auburn Has Another Record Year

AUBURN, ME (July 1, 2022) — For the second year in a row, the City of Auburn has had a banner year, permit-wise. During fiscal year 2022, Auburn set yet another record for permitted construction value and investment, with well over $74 million in estimated cost of construction. Similarly, the planning and permitting team set a workload record for permitting and inspection.

Even more impressive is the fact that the city’s FY 22 estimated cost of construction, $74,555,212, does not include the single largest permit of the year: the new $110M state-of-the-art high school, which is currently under construction. Including the high school project would bring the FY 22 permit value to $184.5 million. “

Next year is looking strong as well,” said Auburn’s Director of Planning, Eric Cousens. “If half the projects in current discussion move forward, I’m confident we will see our third consecutive record year.”

The good news coming out of Auburn doesn’t end there. Data from January 2021 through June 2022 shows that the city approved 106 new one- and two-family homes, as well as 285 new apartments. Those 391 new units show that Auburn is making significant progress toward the city council goal of 2,000 new units in five years. “With more than 1,500 new residences in discussion, next year looks strong for continued growth,” adds Cousens.

According to City Manager Phil Crowell, this record-setting growth is no accident. “The city’s 2019 Strategic Plan and recently updated Comprehensive Plan placed high priority and clear focus on issues like housing, workforce development, walkability, recreation, and quality of life.”

Crowell commends city staff for their responsiveness and hard work. “In 4 out of the last 5 years, our planning and permitting team has handled a record number of permits, and as always, I’m proud of the work our team has done.”

Mayor Jason Levesque applauds the city’s new record and is proud that Auburn is doing its part to help address the state-wide housing shortage. “This is proof that when we are focused on excellence in everything we do, from delivering a message of opportunity and cooperation to businesses and people throughout New England to executing aggressive permit and zoning reform, Auburn can and will continue to grow in a positive direction,” said Levesque.

Cousens encourages individuals and businesses interested in being part of Auburn’s success to visit and connect with his team. “It’s more than just a slogan when we say, ‘in Auburn, your next opportunity is closer than you think.’”

Auburn’s 2019 Strategic Plan vision statement: “Auburn will be a community that balances urban & rural living, with safe, sustainable, livable neighborhoods that are well-connected; a community to be proud of, with a vibrant workforce and resources that are preserved and protected; a unique small city that offers quality education and bold economic, recreation, and housing opportunities.”

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