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Lewiston Adult Ed students graduate

 From Lewiston Schools

LEWISTON – High temperatures last week didn’t keep Lewiston Adult Ed­ucation students from their graduation at the Longley Multi-Purpose Building last Tuesday night.

Graduates, families, friends, and community members attended to celebrate both the class of 2020 and 2021.

Lewiston Superintendent Jake Lan­glais spoke to graduates about how they demonstrated resilience with their work and they now carry it with them. “Don’t you ever forget what you’ve achieved,” he said.

Lewiston School Committee Chairperson Megan Parks participated in the conferring of diplomas along with Langlais, Lewiston Adult Education Di­rector Bill Grant and Lewiston Adult Edu­cation Assistant Director Jennifer Tiner.

Students received their diploma, while the Adult Learning Center Coordinator Lau­rianne Champagne told of each one’s accomplish­ments. Student Kerigan Graham graduated despite a busy work schedule and COVID-19 restrictions in classes and testing.

Kerigan Graham graduated last week from the Lewiston Adult Education program, achieving her high school equivalency despite a busy work schedule and COVID-19 restrictions in classes and testing. (Photo courtesy of Lewiston Schools)

Another student, Rebecca Berry, wrote an essay on how education is a lifelong process. “To support her conviction of this statement, she plans to continue her education by going to college to pursue a career in the field of med­icine. We wish her well,” Champagne said.

Carlos Marquez-Ter­uel was the last student at graduation to receive his diploma. He was also one of several high-achieving High School Equivalency Test takers.

Carlos Maquez-Teruel got the highest HiSET scores in the 2021 Lewiston Adult Education program. He graduated with his fellow students at a ceremony last week at the Longley Multi-Purpose Building. (Photo courtesy of Lewiston Schools)

“In 2021, Carlos got the highest HiSET scores at Lewiston Adult Educa­tion, including two perfect scores in math and science. Congratulations on a job well done!” Champagne said.

The HiSET has re­placed the General Educa­tional Development test as the exam used to determine if a student has achieved high school equivalency in subject areas. Once the five exams are completed with passing scores, stu­dents receive the Maine State Equivalency Diplo­ma.

“This graduation cel­ebration was especially poignant for me because of how COVID changed how education was deliv­ered and accomplishments were celebrated over the past year and a half. Our graduates persisted despite class and testing restric­tions due to the pandemic. Truly an amazing group of students,” Champagne said after graduation.

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