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Lewiston High School Referendum: Adult Education

The Lewiston High School expansion project is a plan for the entire community. While teenage students always will be the primary focus, the goal is to have space which can be used by Adult Education and the community-at-large.

Given the expansion’s location, with a new, more secure entrance and lobby, the nearby rooms will be convenient for use by residents of all ages. Since purposeful consideration will be to display students’ art, this addition will provide a friendly atmosphere for all Lewiston citizens.

Lewiston’s Adult Education program is a vital part of our community. Providing instruction in professional studies and general education diploma (GED) preparation, and help to hone personal hobby interests. These traditionally after-school programs will be able to utilize the new area to improve the way the school community and the residents’ interface.

“Lewiston Adult Education (LAE) has been part of the Lewiston High School campus since it opened,” states Director Bill Grant. “LAE has leveraged LHS to provide life-long learning to the community. Community members have especially enjoyed enrichment opportunities within the arts, which include activities like music, painting, and stained glass.” He continues, “The opportunity to expand LHS and bring our art department to the front entrance will provide better accessibility for our community. LAE will also enjoy having additional classroom space near the entrance, to offer academic and workforce programming within proximity to our office. The project will provide a more welcoming and accessible environment for our community of life-long learners. It will also reflect and celebrate the cultural diversity of [Lewiston] through the arts,” he asserts.

The expansion would genuinely be a multi-function addition. Seeking to meet the needs of students, teenage and adult, and gives Lewiston another reason to be proud of its heritage, a commitment to a bright future.

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