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Madeline’s Mission Gifts Cuddle Cot to Androscoggin’s Hospice House

LEWISTON, ME (November 4, 2022) — Maine nonprofit takes aim at helping those facing something no one wants to think about- the loss of a child.  Launched at the beginning of 2019, Madeline’s Mission seeks to provide a path toward wellness, healing, and hope for families surviving child loss.  Madeline’s Mission recently gifted a Cuddle Cot Bassinet to Androscoggin’s Hospice House on Stetson Road in Auburn, a priceless gift to families who have just lost a child.

Thus far, Madeline’s Mission has provided 7 Cuddle Cots to mostly hospitals.  Androscoggin was the first Hospice House to receive a Cuddle Cot for families who have lost an infant or very young child.  As Founder and President, Amie Marzen puts it, “we are delighted to provide the gift of time to families to say goodbye.”  The Cuddle Cot is a welcomed addition to Androscoggin’s pilot perinatal bereavement program, Cherished.  The $3,000 Cuddle Cot gift was made possible by funds raised mostly online and through social media, bringing area parents together for this important cause.  Many donated in memory of babies or young children gone too soon- including the organization’s namesake, Madeline.

The gift to Androscoggin Hospice House was facilitated by Amy Dulac, Androscoggin’s Bereavement Service Coordinator who has teamed up with Ms. Marzen and Madeline’s Mission on several other trainings and events.  Also representing Madeline’s Mission was Board Member and Maternity Delivery Nurse, Kim Paraddi, RN.

A Cuddle Cot is a specialized crib which resembles a bassinet or “Moses basket” but has a cooled mattress pad which allows families to spend more time with their infant after a loss.  With the cooling mattress, families can spend priceless extra hours and days together in their hospital room.  Allowing time for more pictures, bonding, and saying goodbye.  When the time is already cut so short with the loss of an infant who had not yet gotten a chance to experience the world, the extra time together as a family is truly priceless.  Without the availability of a Cuddle Cot, families are forced to have a quicker goodbye due to body deterioration.  Studies have shown that the extra time together is beneficial for the mental health of the parents and surviving loved ones.  It provides a chance for grandparents, brothers, and sisters to meet the new baby, and truly have a moment to say hello before saying goodbye.

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