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Events with Androscoggin Valley Soil & Water Conservation 

Landscaping for Biodiversity and Water Quality

February 2nd  


St Mary’s Nutrition Center, Lewiston

Join Ecologist Deborah Perkins from First Light Wildlife Habitats for a presentation on native planting and landscaping practices to promote biodiversity and protect water quality. Deb will also cover how to build bird and pollinator habitats, and will present eco-friendly and low maintenance lawn alternatives as well. We ALL live in a watershed and its important to recognize that the work that you do in your yards and gardens can have a positive impact on the entire local ecosystem! Join us at St Mary’s Nutrition Center for snacks and refreshments and information about sign ups for community garden plots.

This event is promotion for AVSWCD’s new program – the Conservation Landscape Certification program– a free checklist available to help landowners improve their properties for wildlife and pollinator habitat, water and soil quality and overall ecosystem support.

This event is funded by a grant from the Davis Foundation.

Snow and Ice Science

Tuesday, February 20th


Auburn Public Library

Every winter snow and ice descends across our Maine landscape but how much do we really know about it?  Join AVSWCD Project Director Emma Lorusso for an investigation of snow and ice!  How does snow help to keep animals warm during the winter?  Have you ever seen a bubble shatter when it pops?  How many different ways can ice form?  Through games and activities we’ll learn about how snow and ice is formed, and why its important!  Unlock more mysteries to explore in winter during this special snow program!

Pruning Forgotten Old Apple Trees

Sunday, February 25th


Valley View Farm, Auburn

Old, neglected apple trees are a staple across the Maine landscape. Did you know that you can restore them to their former glory and have local fresh apples in your backyard?  Join us for this hands-on workshop to learn how to prune your favorite fruit trees, led by apple tree enthusiast Joe Dembeck. We will cover tools and methods used to prune fruit trees to increase their viability and production. After a brief overview, participants will get to test their skills pruning apple trees.

Basic/Advanced Erosion Control Training

Thursday, February 29th


USDA Field Office, Lewiston

The course is of primary interest to contractors but could also be helpful to municipal code enforcement officers, consultants, engineers, public works employees and anyone interested in implementing appropriate erosion control measures during a construction project.  Participants will learn principles of erosion and sedimentation, why erosion control practices are important, how to properly install and maintain Erosion & Sedimentation Control (‘ESC’) Best Management Practices (BMPs) and more. 

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